Micro Drip Sets: Uses, Advantages, and Made-in-India Devices

Micro Drip Sets: Uses, Advantages, and Made-in-India Devices

Micro drip sets, also known as micro-infusion sets, are an essential tool in medical practice. They are used to administer medication and fluids in small and precise amounts. These useful products are designed to deliver small volumes of fluid over an extended period. Read on to learn more about micro drip sets, how they work, their various uses in healthcare settings, and the top micro-infusion sets from renowned manufacturers in India.

What is a Micro Drip Set and How Does It Work?

A micro drip set is a medical device that delivers small amounts of medication or fluids into a patient’s bloodstream. It includes plastic tubing with a small needle at the end which can be inserted into the patient’s vein. The tubing is attached to a container that holds the fluids or medication. The container can be a glass bottle or a plastic bag. The speed at which the medication or fluids are administered is controlled by a drip chamber, which regulates fluid flow into the tubing.

Micro drip sets work on the principle of gravity. The fluid in the container flows through the tubing and into the patient’s bloodstream by the force of gravity. The drip chamber permits healthcare providers to make adjustments in the rate of flow. This ensures that the patients receive the correct amount of medicine or fluids.

Uses of Micro Drip Infusion Sets in Healthcare Settings

Micro drip infusion sets are used for various medical purposes. They are useful for intravenous therapy and are especially useful in delivering small amounts of medicine or fluids and getting precise control of the rate of flow. They can be used in many places, such as hospitals, clinics, and homes. They are used for a range of medical conditions, including dehydration, diabetes, and chemotherapy.
Micro drip sets are commonly used for blood transfusions. They are preferred over macro drip sets since they allow more precise control of the rate of flow. Accurate control of the rate of flow is needed during blood transfusions to make sure that patients receive the right amount of blood.

Different Types of Micro Drip Infusion Sets and their Uses

There are several types of micro drip infusion sets available in the market. The type of micro drip set used depends on the medical purpose and the specific needs of the patient.

Basic micro drip set: This is the most common type of micro drip set, which is used for general medication and fluid administration.

Extension micro drip set: This type includes an extension tube, which facilitates more flexibility during intravenous therapy.

Blood transfusion micro drip set: This kind of micro drip set is designed specifically for blood transfusions.

Pediatric micro drip set: This type is meant to be used in paediatric care.

Micro drip chambers are a crucial part of micro drip infusion sets, which helps control the rate of fluid flow through the tubing. This precise control is important in various medical scenarios, such as dehydration, chemotherapy, diabetes, and post-surgery.

The Advantages of Using Micro Drip Sets in Medical Practice

Using micro drip sets in medical practice offers several advantages. First of all, they allow for more precise control of the rate of flow, which is crucial when administering small amounts of medication or fluids. This precision can lead to better results for the patient and decrease the chance of complications.

Micro drip sets are also less likely to cause air embolisms, which can be life-threatening. Air embolisms can happen when air enters the patient’s bloodstream. Using a micro drip set reduces the risk of this happening and improves patient safety.

Lastly, micro drip sets are less intimidating to patients, especially children. The smaller size of the needle and tubing is less frightening than the larger needles and tubing used in macro drip sets. By doing this, patients may feel more at ease during treatment, which could result in them being more satisfied with their experience.

Micro Drip Sets from Leading Indian Manufacturers


Disposet Infusion (IV) Sets

Disposet is a micro drip set from Disposafe Health and Life Care Ltd., one of the top manufacturers and exporters of disposable medical devices. Established in 2007, their goal is to create safer and user-friendly medical devices. Disposafe has successfully created a global presence in over 100 countries.

Disposet features an easy-to-use drip chamber with a standard penetrating needle (vented, universal) for effortless entry of the solution vessel. It effectively controls contamination and includes a 15-micron filter that ensures a high flow rate and particle prevention. Additionally, it comes with a sharp piercing spike for easy insertion of the tube into the fluid bottle.

The product also includes a drip chamber with a fluid filter and a kink-resistant tube that is 1500 mm long. For a consistent flow rate, a roller controller is provided. It also has a latex-made bulb for additional medication and has a drop rate of 20 drops/ml. The Disposet provides male Luer slip and Y connector injection sites as optional choices.

Dial Flow IV Infusion Set

Dial Flow IV Infusion Set

Dial flow IV infusion set is a product of Angiplast Private Limited, a company engaged in the production and export of medical equipment and disposables. Angiplast was founded in 1994 and its products include infusion sets, blood transfusion sets, and more. The company is dedicated to providing high-quality medical devices that meet the standards of the healthcare industry. 
Moreover, they export their products to over 45 countries globally.

One of the key benefits of the Angiplast dial flow IV infusion set is its reliable flow rate accuracy, which is consistent across the full adjustable scale. The set includes soft and clear flexible tubing, which adds to the comfort of the patient. The product comes with a rotating lock that simplifies connection to the patient, and a pinch clamp that allows immediate shut-off when needed. It is equipped with a rotating luer lock male adapter, which makes it easy to connect to various devices.

The infusion set features a 60 mm drip chamber, a dial flow regulator, a 15-micron fluid filter, and a latex-free ‘Y’ site. These characteristics ensure that the infusion set provides an accurate and reliable performance, while also maintaining patient safety and comfort.

Micro Drip Intravenous Fluid Infusion Set

Micro Drip Intravenous Fluid Infusion Set

Micro drip sets are provided by SURU International Pvt. Ltd., a manufacturer of CE-marked medical devices that meet strict international manufacturing and regulatory requirements. The company which was established in 1991 is on a mission is to provide high-quality medical disposable devices that consistently ensure customer satisfaction. 

This micro drip set is regarded as one of the best IV sets available. The micro drip sets have a drip chamber and can be used for administering IV fluids with or without infusion pumps during intravenous therapy. These infusion sets are designed specifically for pediatric use. The product is available with or without an air vent, has a drop rate of 60 drops/ml, and offers customized tube lengths to meet specific requirements.

T-7107 Burette Infusion Set

T-7107 Burette Infusion Set from JK Medirise

T-7107 burette infusion set is a product of JK Medirise, a reputable company that was founded in 2012 with the aim of supplying high-quality surgical and pharmaceutical products worldwide. The company has been certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, indicating its compliance with international quality standards. The company’s product line includes a broad range of surgical disposable items. 

The high-quality disposable infusion set has a measured volume chamber of 110/150 ml. This set is designed to provide accurate and reliable flow rates with the help of an efficient roller controller and an automatic shutoff valve that prevents air embolism. The product also includes a 15 μm fluid filter that helps reduce particulate matter and a bulb latex for extra medication. 

The T-7107 set offers around 60 drops per ml and is individually packed and sterile. The set is made with DEHP-free PVC material and has a measured volume burette that is suitable for photosensitive anti-cancer drugs. The product is available in several variants such as tube latex and latex-free, Y-injection variants, needle-free Y-site variants, 20/60 drops per ml variants, and with or without a needle 21G variants. Additionally, the set comes in Luer lock or rotating luer lock variants.

T-7102 Infusion Set

T-7102 Infusion Micro Macro Drip IV Set from JK Medirise

T-7102 infusion set from JK Medirise is a disposable product that features a transparent and flexible drip chamber with a 15-micron fluid filter. The ISO 8536-4 compliant spike and ISO 594/1 and ISO 594/2 compliant end-connection are made of soft and durable medical grade PVC tubes with a 150 cm standard length. It is made of  DEHP-free and non-toxic PVC compound and is ideal for gravity infusion.

The product includes a roller controller to enable accurate flow rates. It is individually packed and sterilized using ETO. It can also be customized according to the specific requirements of customers. There are 35 different specifications available, including variants with bacteria non-permeable air-vent or non-vented options, Y-injection variants, tube latex or latex-free variants, with or without 21G needle options, and 20/60 drops per ml variants. The micro drip set also has additional luer lock or rotating luer lock variants.

IV Infusion Set Microdrip

IV Infusion Set Microdrip

IV infusion set microdrip is a product of Dr AM’S Healthcare, a global supplier of various healthcare disposables. The company offers high-quality and sterile products that meet international quality standards at the best prices. Their mission is to provide affordable world-class surgical and healthcare products to customers worldwide.

The microdrip set includes an air vent and a hydrophobic filter that acts as a bacteria barrier. It has a sharp piercing spike that enables easy insertion into an IV container. A disc-shaped fluid filter is used to eliminate any particulate matter present in the IV fluids. There is also a flash ball injection port that allows the administration of extra medication. These infusion sets are individually packaged and are E.O. sterilized. 


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