Medzell’s Triumph in Facilitating Global Medical Device Trade: A Case Study with Aron Bekele Pharmaceutical, Ethiopia

Medzell’s Triumph in Facilitating Global Medical Device Trade: A Case Study with Aron Bekele Pharmaceutical, Ethiopia


In the dynamic landscape of B2B marketplaces for medical devices, Medzell stands tall as a leading platform that seamlessly connects buyers and sellers across the globe. This case study sheds light on how Medzell played a pivotal role in addressing the specific challenges faced by Aron Bekele Pharmaceutical, a prominent player in the pharmaceutical industry based in Ethiopia.


Aron Bekele Pharmaceutical, a forward-thinking company in Ethiopia, encountered a recurring challenge in sourcing high-quality Examination Lights. The persistent issue of repeated inquiries posed a substantial hurdle in their procurement process, affecting their operational efficiency and the timely execution of critical projects.


Medzell swiftly recognized the challenges faced by Aron Bekele Pharmaceutical and proactively engaged in providing tailored solutions. Leveraging its extensive network of top-tier manufacturers in the medical device industry, Medzell connected Aron Bekele Pharmaceutical with reputable suppliers of Examination Lights. This strategic matchmaking not only addressed the immediate procurement concerns but also paved the way for a streamlined and efficient sourcing process.


The collaboration between Medzell and Aron Bekele Pharmaceutical yielded a myriad of unique benefits. By connecting the pharmaceutical giant with top manufacturers, Medzell facilitated access to a diverse range of high-quality Examination Lights, ensuring that Aron Bekele Pharmaceutical could choose from the best options available in the market. This not only saved valuable time but also resulted in cost efficiencies and enhanced overall operational effectiveness.


The successful resolution of the challenges faced by Aron Bekele Pharmaceutical through Medzell’s platform culminated in a significant business milestone. Aron Bekele Pharmaceutical closed a crucial order with Hospedia Medicare Private Limited, for an order value of 407$, a testament to the efficacy of Medzell’s B2B marketplace in fostering global trade relationships. This case study highlights how Medzell’s commitment to connecting buyers with the right suppliers goes beyond addressing immediate challenges, contributing to the long-term success and growth of businesses in the medical device industry.

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