Medzell’s Success Story: Revolutionizing Medical Procurement for Gulf Asian Medical Center, Saudi Arabia

Medzell’s Success Story: Revolutionizing Medical Procurement for Gulf Asian Medical Center, Saudi Arabia


Gulf Asian Medical Center in Jubail, Saudi Arabia, stands as a beacon of comprehensive healthcare, offering a spectrum of services from emergency care to specialized medical treatments. As a multi-specialty medical center strategically located in the heart of Jubail, it caters to various medical needs, including Cardiology, Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Gynecology, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, and more. This case study delves into how Medzell, a premier B2B marketplace for medical devices, played a pivotal role in assisting Gulf Asian Medical Center with its specific challenge in procuring Interferential Therapy Units (IFT).


Gulf Asian Medical Center faced a pressing challenge in acquiring state-of-the-art Interferential Therapy Units (IFT) to enhance its physiotherapy services. The search for reliable manufacturers with unique features became a time-consuming and intricate task, affecting the center’s ability to provide cutting-edge healthcare solutions to its patients.


Medzell swiftly stepped in to address Gulf Asian Medical Center’s challenge by introducing them to top manufacturers specializing in Interferential Therapy Units (IFT). These manufacturers were carefully selected for their reputation, quality, and unique features that aligned with the medical center’s requirements. Medzell’s platform served as the bridge, facilitating seamless communication and collaboration between the Gulf Asian Medical Center and these distinguished manufacturers.


The collaboration between Gulf Asian Medical Center and Medzell resulted in a multitude of unique benefits. By connecting the medical center with manufacturers producing Interferential Therapy Units (IFT) with advanced features, Medzell not only streamlined the procurement process but also ensured Gulf Asian Medical Center had access to cutting-edge technology. The acquisition of the Vectrodyne 100 from Technomed Electronics, one of the industry’s best IFT manufacturers, marked a significant milestone. This move not only met Gulf Asian Medical Center’s immediate needs but also positioned them at the forefront of offering high-quality physiotherapy services to their patients.


The success story of Gulf Asian Medical Center, Jubail, in overcoming the challenges of acquiring Interferential Therapy Units through Medzell’s platform highlights the transformative impact of B2B marketplaces in the healthcare industry. Medzell’s commitment to connecting global buyers with top manufacturers resulted in a mutually beneficial partnership, elevating the quality of healthcare services provided by Gulf Asian Medical Center. This case study serves as a testament to the effectiveness of Medzell in revolutionizing the procurement process for medical devices, ultimately contributing to the advancement of healthcare standards globally.

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