Top Surgical and Operating Room Equipment from Leading Manufacturers

Top Surgical and Operating Room Equipment from Leading Manufacturers

Having the right equipment is absolutely essential while performing surgeries. Surgical and operating room (OR) equipment must be of high quality and precision to ensure successful outcomes. From anesthesia machines and workstations to electrosurgical units (ESUs), surgical lights, and operating tables, there is a variety of equipment that is absolutely essential in any operating room. If you are a global buyer interested in procuring surgical equipment of superior quality at the best prices for your end users, read on to know more about the latest surgical devices featured on our global B2B platform for Indian medical devices.

1. Anesthesia Machine and Workstation

E Flow 7 Anesthesia Machine & Workstation


                                                Fig: E Flow 7 from BPL Medical Technologies

An anesthesia machine is a device that delivers general anesthesia to patients who undergo medical procedures. Modern anesthesia machines often have touch-screen displays and monitors that give data on oxygen saturation levels and heart rate.

Prime 21 M 

Prime 21 M is a product of Vactech Surgical Equipment, a manufacturer renowned for providing high-quality innovative surgical equipment that employs advanced technology. The machine has an M.S. powder-coated trolley and has brakes on the front wheels. The device is equipped with a two-tube rotometer that has three-sided visibility. There is a luminous back plate that helps to highlight the rotating bobbin even in dark operation theatres.

The anesthesia machine has brass gas-specific pin index yokes with colour-coded pressure gauges. It has a Goldman Halothane vaporiser and the facility to attach a temperature-compensated vaporiser. The machine has a non-return cum pressure relief valve that minimizes the risk of backflow of gases. It features an oxygen outlet with an emergency oxygen flush at the tabletop level. It has useful safety features as well – an audio-visual oxygen failure warning device works when the oxygen pressure falls to 205kpa. Some of the standard accessories of the surgical device include a fresh oxygen outlet with a flow meter, a humidifier bottle, and a Mox oxygen regulator that has a high-pressure oxygen tube and pin index.

Anesthesia Workstation

Anesthesia workstations are manufactured by STAAN Bio-Med Engineering Private Limited, a company that provides CE-marked and US FDA-registered products. The device is available in three options- closed, semi-open, and semi-closed. The machine is suited for adult and paediatric applications. The anesthesia workstation has a three-layer hypoxic safety system, a 3 gas system, two quick-mount vaporizer brackets, rails for mounting accessories, an O2 flush knob, a low-pressure alarm, and an automatic N2O cut-off facility.


SkanSiesta is an advanced anesthesia workstation manufactured by Skanray Technologies Ltd., an internationally certified medical equipment manufacturer focused on critical healthcare and diagnostic medicine. The machine has a 3-gas pipeline and cylinder connectivity. It is equipped with a 5-tube rotameter with low flow technology, a pneumatic anti-hypoxia device that has ratio control, multi-layered barotrauma protection, the independent auxiliary output of oxygen, additional N2O cut-off, and a circle absorber with a soda lime capacity of 1.3 kg. The innovative anesthesia workstation has an auto bypass facility for uninterrupted ventilation.

The surgical device offers integrated spirometry and oxygen monitor sensors, a 10.4-inch intuitive ventilator touch display, an internal 3-litre oxygen reservoir, a dual Selectatec vapourizer mount that provides an interlocking facility, and audio and visual alarms with settings that can be customized. Another highlight is the built-in battery backup that can give support for around 3 hours.

2. Defibrillators

Soter 301 Defibrillators


                                                                 Fig: Soter 301 from RMS India

Defibrillators are life-saving devices that administer a high-energy electric shock to the patient’s heart during a cardiac arrest. Defibrillation is done to save the lives of individuals who experience cardiac arrest.

Relife 900/AED/R

Relife 900/AED/R from BPL Medical Technologies Private Limited is a biphasic defibrillator equipped with advanced monitoring functions. It provides acute cardiac care with the help of multiple modes of operation that include AED, synchronized cardioversion, manual defibrillation, external pacing, etc.

The biphasic defibrillator has a 7-inch colour TFT screen, synchronized cardioversion, and user-selectable energy levels that range from 2J to 300J in manual defibrillation mode. The defibrillator also has other features such as remote energy selection and charging through paddles, 24 events recording facility, and a minimum of 100 discharges of 300J with a fully-charged new battery. Optional enhancements are available such as NiBP, AED, MASIMO SpO2, etc. 


SANJEEVANI 1006 is a biphasic defibrillator and multipara monitor manufactured by Nasan Medical Electronics Pvt. Ltd. The company has been a player in the field of cardiology-focused medical equipment for around three decades and has a 10,000+ client base.

There are optional facilities available that include AED, pacer, SpO2, NIBP, EtCO2, and an internal paddle. 70 to 100 shocks can be administered on a single charge. The defibrillator offers a variety of energy level selections ranging from 2 J to 200 J. Printouts can be taken on 2” thermal papers and the charging time is 6 seconds on mains. The device is adaptable, thanks to its large battery capacity and compatibility with both paediatric and adult paddles. The lightweight and compact biphasic defibrillator offers a voice prompt facility, a 7-inch colour display with a built-in printer, a contact indicator, and an SD card storage facility. 

Vital Wave

Vital Wave is a product of Maestros Electronics & Telecommunications Systems Limited, a company focused on developing medical devices for gynecology, cardiology, and critical care patient and disease management. Vital Wave is a portable biphasic defibrillator that is suitable for adult and pediatric patients. It can administer more than 40 shocks on a fully charged battery. It offers the synchronized operation, a 7-inch colour TFT display, 24-hour trend, and 25 event trend storage.  ECG acquisition facility is available through paddles and patient cables. It enables easy energy selection of up to 270 Joules. The lightweight and portable defibrillator takes less than 8 seconds to charge 270 J and is upgradeable to SpO2 and NiBP. 

Soter 201

Soter 201 is a biphasic defibrillator with AED from Recorders & Medicare Systems Pvt Ltd (RMS), a leading medical equipment manufacturer in India. The company has extended its market in the SAARC region, the Middle East, Europe, and East Africa. The surgical device allows an energy selection of up to 360 joules. It can be used to treat sudden cardiac arrest anywhere. It supports 3/5/6/12-lead ECG with arrhythmia analysis. It can be used for 6 hours continuously in the monitoring mode. The device also enables 360J discharges 210 times in defibrillation mode, and up to 4.5 hours of continuous usage in the pacing mode. The 7-inch high-resolution color TFT can support 3 waveforms. The lightweight, compact, portable defibrillator has a user-friendly interface and an in-built thermal printer. 

3. Electrosurgical Units (ESUs)

Orion HA300 Electrosurgical Units (ESUs)


                                          Fig: Orion HA300 from Orion Medical Technologies

Electrosurgical units (ESUs) are surgical equipment used to incise and desiccate tissues and control bleeding(hemostasis) by causing blood coagulation. In electrosurgery, high-frequency, alternating electric current is used to cause heating in tissues to achieve results such as cutting, tissue ablation, etc.


BIOHEARTZ-400 W is a digital cautery machine manufactured by Monarch Healthcare, an ISO 9001 and class 1 CE-certified company established in 2010. The innovative ESU weighs only 4 kg, has an LED display, and is suitable for use in hospitals. Its important features include a feedback-controlled response system, the ability to automatically stop delivery of energy once the seal cycle is over, minimum cutting effect, smooth cuts, bipolar output along with non-sparking characteristics, spray coagulation, prompt start even during irrigated procedures, and good hemostasis effect. The digital cautery machine has applications in micro-surgery, neurosurgery, and laparoscopy surgery.

Orion HA400

Orion HA400 electrocautery unit is manufactured by Orion Medical Technologies, a fast-growing company in the hospital equipment manufacturers field with expertise in high-performance microprocessor-based electrosurgical units and other medical devices.

The surgical device provides real-time monitoring and response systems for tissue density. It has an intuitive and easy-to-use design for use in modern operating theatres. It has both bipolar and monopolar functionalities to meet all surgical needs with safety, convenience, and dependability. The advanced tissue sense system provides precise power for reliable cutting and coagulation across all different kinds of tissues. Randomized spray coagulation enables homogeneous, superficial, quicker coagulation across a broader area. The optional features of the electrosurgical unit include the facilities of remote calibration and storage of the previous sixty surgical cases’ data in the system memory.

The macro mode can be utilized for bipolar cutting with cutting devices such as hooks. The smoke evacuator, argon beam coagulation, and suction irrigation module are all upgradeable. The unit has 99 surgical programs memory feature that is user programmable. Patient return electrode monitoring(PEM) generates an alarm that protects against burns at the return electrode sites. This electrocautery unit has applications in the field of gynecology, laparoscopic surgery, oncosurgery, urology, endoscopy(ECRP), neurosurgery, cardiac surgery, etc.

Cresta W 

Cresta W is an electrosurgical unit manufactured by Matrix Medicals Pvt. Ltd. The Cresta W energy platform is a full-featured electrosurgical system that is flexible, dependable, and delivers excellent clinical performance. The device offers bipolar functionalities, electrosurgical cutting, coagulation, and vessel sealing in one generator. The high-quality generator is applicable in several surgical operations in a variety of clinical faculties. This surgical device can be employed in open surgery, under glycine, under saline, and underwater procedures. Cresta W is ideal for all sorts of multi-faculty healthcare service providers because of its versatility.

Other features of this electrosurgical unit include the latest LED illumination technology, correlated color temperature, wall mount
control panel, antiglare light-field for surgeries of long duration, and a detachable handle for sterilization purposes. The device offers monopolar, bipolar, saline bipolar, and vessel sealer modes.

4. Medical Ventilators

VIHA dv10+ Medical Ventilators

                                                     Fig: VIHA dv10+ from AVI Healthcare

Medical ventilators are devices that pump air into the lungs to assist or recreate the breathing process. Ventilators are used in cases where patients are unable to breathe properly on their own, due to general anesthesia or respiratory disorders. There are several types of ventilators, and each one offers various degrees of assistance. 

VIHA dv10+

VIHA dv10+ ICU ventilator from AVI Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is a high-end and versatile ventilator suitable for all types of patients. It comes with unique and advanced features, as well as a wide range of functions and modes that enable precise specialized treatment for critically ill patients. One of its notable features is its powerful and compact turbine, which allows for independence from compressed air and enables maximum mobility within the hospital. The ventilator has been tested according to the latest safety standards of EN/IEC/ISO. It is a universal ventilator capable of providing ventilation for adults, pediatric, and neonatal patients. It supports both invasive and non-invasive ventilation methods and is driven by a powerful turbine. Additionally, it comes with an inbuilt nebulizer.

The ventilator also features advanced modes such as high flow oxygen therapy, bubble CPAP mode, and other advanced modes such as APRV, MMV, PRVC, BIVENT, apnea backup ventilation, and advanced maneuvers like P0.1, O2 flush, recruitment, inspiratory and expiratory hold, sigh, and intrinsic PEEP.


Briovent is a medical ventilator produced by Life Line Biz Pvt. Ltd., a manufacturer committed to delivering flawless critical care medical equipment since its establishment. They are the first company in India to offer high-end, turbine-driven pediatric, neonatal, and adult ventilators. This medical ventilator is an economical, compact, powerful, safe, and versatile ventilation system for patients. The ventilator was created over a period of 36 months. 

The surgical device provides invasive and non-invasive O2 therapy (High Flow Nasal Oxygen Therapy). The modern next-generation turbine aids in providing smooth flow to adult and newborn patients. In addition to conventional modes, Briovent provides a large array of ventilation modes for all patient groups. Advanced modes, such as MMV, APRV, PRVC SIMV, biphasic, etc. are offered by the ICU ventilator. 

Automatic leakage compensation and non-invasive ventilation features with various modes are offered by the device. The device has a built-in volume-compensated nebulizer and a high-pressure oxygen input. The device is easy to use and has a four-hour internal battery backup for power outages and other emergency situations. It enables the use of volume sighs and pressure sighs to make patients more comfortable. The medical ventilator features an exhalation valve that is metallic, highly responsive, and autoclavable, a dynamic safety valve, and a dynamic setup of parameter limits. The intuitive user interface makes it simple to navigate various screens. Distal (pediatric/adult) or proximal (pediatric, neonatal, and adult) flow sensor positions can be selected by users.

The lung recruitment maneuver provides benefits such as increased lung compliance, better gas exchange, and decreased intrapulmonary shunt. Proportional pressure support offers dynamic pressure support on a breath-by-breath basis depending on the patient’s compliance and resistance. This feature improves gas exchange and reduces the asynchrony between the patient and the ventilator and the patient’s WOB.


MAX RESPIMAX PLUS is a medical ventilator manufactured by MAX Meditech Pvt. Ltd., a manufacturer that has exported products to  Malaysia, the UAE, Bangladesh, Congo, Ethiopia, Nepal, and more. MAX is one of the top 25 ventilator brands in the world and a well-known brand in India.

The ventilator is ideal for all applications, such as anesthesia, post-op recovery, and critical care. It is a self-contained, portable, and compact multipurpose ventilator suitable for adult and pediatric patients. It is useful in situations that require invasive mechanical ventilation. Since it is designed with an internal pressure-flow generator, it does not need compressed air from an external source and this unique feature makes it suitable for ICUs. The innovative features of the surgical device are a short start-up time, easiness of setting and connections, colour TFT display, FiO2 sensor with long life, comprehensive alarms, display of monitored and set parameters, minimal external accessories, and no wastage of anesthesia gas. It can be used with all anesthesia circuits, can be used in tropical weather, and is designed for continuous use.


MEDILUFT ICU VENTILATOR is manufactured by HILD Defense and Aerospace Private Limited (HILD Medical), a leading manufacturer of medical ventilators and other products. The company supplies modern ventilators for the medical community. Adult and pediatric patients use ventilators that are microprocessor-based. The ventilators can be used for different lung conditions and are suitable for all environments. Three waveforms and three loops in a large graphic area are used to continuously monitor a patient’s lung mechanics. 

The colour touch screen enables the user to easily choose the options needed. The CMV pressure, CMV volume,  ACMV volume, ACMV pressure, SIMV pressure, SIMV volume, CPAP, BIPAP, APRV, PRVC, PSV, and HFOT ventilation modes are only a few of the twelve breathing modes that this ICU ventilator is capable of operating in. The device has a feature that allows the nebulizer to be turned on or off with a sigh. It allows non-invasive oxygenation through high-flow oxygen therapy. The surgical device is designed with user-friendly settings. The entire details of lung mechanics are provided to the doctor and respiratory therapist through the ventilator’s informative colour monitor. 

5. Operating Tables

Operating Room Tables at Medzell

                                       Fig: Inspire from STAAN Bio-Med

Operating tables, also known as surgical tables or OT tables, are used for patients to lie down during surgeries. Operating tables can be stationary or mobile and are used in a variety of cardiothoracic, bariatric, and orthopedic procedures and more.


Glory is an electro-hydraulic operating table from STAAN Bio-Med Engineering Private Limited. STAAN is a reputed manufacturer of high-quality operating tables ideal for all sorts of surgeries such as bariatric, spine, general, and more. The versatile and user-friendly design of the OT table gives comfort and safety to users and supports all attachment types. The surgical device can be customized depending on the requirements of users. Their important features include C-arm compatibility, memory options, zero position facility, and easy maintenance.

The OT table can bear a load of up to 380 kg. It offers a height customisation facility, a high storage battery backup, an override panel, remote and foot pedal controls, and four hydraulic power brakes. The anti-collision system avoids the chance of collision with objects close to the tabletop.

Maximus V1

Maximus V1 is an electro-hydraulic table manufactured by Palakkad Surgical Industries Pvt. Ltd., an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485-certified company with five decades of experience. Maxwell V1 is a multi-discipline, top-of-the-line electro-hydraulic table created to provide patient and surgical crew comfort while enabling optimal access to the surgery site.  The extremely competent and German-made precision hydraulics of the operating table allows easy movement and extreme placement while handling a broad spectrum of patient weights and sizes. The product can support 400 kg in distributed loading and has a 250 kg capacity when the top slide is in use.

Dual control units and world-class German-engineered electrohydraulic systems are standard on the device. V1 is also equipped with an optional manual override system which is properly concealed. The surgical device is useful in emergencies since it allows control of critical articulations with the foot pedal. The device has applications in orthopaedics, neurology, and urology.

BJS-001 Hydraulic Surgical OT Table

BJS-001 is a product of Balaji Surgical, a leading manufacturer and global supplier of operating tables in India. The surgical table is furnished with centric pillars, four sections, stainless fitting, and a detachable leg and head. The cover and base are made of stainless steel for easy cleaning. The device has advanced mechanics that allow smooth articulation of the table top for accurate positioning of the patient. It has a concealed pump and a press paddle that allows height adjustment. The built-in elevator kidney bridge efficiently supports kidney or gynecology surgery. The innovative device is suitable for general surgery, gynecology, urology surgery, and laparoscopy.

6. Surgical Diathermy Machine

Surgical diathermy machines at best price in Medzell

                                                    Fig: Spark 425 from Spark Meditech

Surgical diathermy machines use high-density radio frequency current, which may be utilized to coagulate or cut tissue during surgical procedures. Surgical diathermy is a common technique for hemostasis and dissection.

ARC 666

ARC 666 is a product of Spark Meditech Private Limited, a company that has been selling premium surgical equipment since 2002. They export their products to South East Asia, Africa, and the United Arab Emirates. The surgical diathermy machine is powered by a programmable microprocessor. It may be used for open and endoscopic procedures from pediatric to heart surgeries. It includes two monopolar outputs with hand-switch pencils that allow simultaneous usage by two surgical teams on the same patient. Endocut/TUR, forced/soft/spray coag in monopolar mode, combi mode for laparoscopic procedures, bipolar saline cutting, bipolar micro/macro coag, etc. are a few examples of specialised functions. Inbuilt voltage stabilization, hand-switched output, and programmable memory are considered standard features.

Other features of the product include a programming facility for advanced and power functions, a footswitch for bipolar coagulation that is independent, underwater cutting with bipolar saline, endo cut mode designed for gastro use, TUR mode for urology applications, monopolar coagulation in three different forms, bipolar coagulation in two different modes, macro coagulation for effective contact coagulation across a large region, and micro coagulation for pinpoint coagulation.

SurgiX E3 Dual 

SurgiX E3 Dual is a surgical device manufactured by BPL Medical Technologies Private Limited, an award-winning 13485:2016 certified company that meets global quality standards. They offer a broad range of healthcare solutions in six segments. 

Their SurgiX E3 dual diathermy machine is a high-performance, cutting-edge device with personalized settings, innovative feedback technology, and safety monitoring. It offers two monopolar modes and one bipolar mode. The other features offered are four monopolar cut modes (soft, pure, blend, and endo with a maximum power of 400 W), three coag modes (fulgurate, soft, and spray coag modes with a maximum power of 150 W), and two bipolar modes (precise and macro) with a maximum power of100 W. Two coagulation outputs can be delivered at the same time by the system under independent control. The advanced feedback technology helps to maintain a fixed power over a range of tissue types.

7. Surgical Lights

Bista 6 Surgical Lights


                                                            Fig: Bista 6 from Geeta Surgial

Surgical lights, also known as operating lights assist healthcare professionals during surgical procedures by illuminating a cavity or local area of patients. A surgical light system is a term that is frequently used to describe a collection of several surgical lights.

DHL-04+06 Operation Theater Light 

DHL-04+06 operation theater light is manufactured by Dynamic International, a renowned ISO and CE-certified manufacturer of surgical lights and other products that meet the quality requirements of various countries. This surgical light has a memory function, a sterilizable handle of high quality, and a protective ESG safety glass that is fire-resistant and scratch-proof. The OT light enables a quick disinfection process, offers protection from IR and UV rays, and improves light penetration. A unique special European design allows heat ventilation. The body is made of good-quality fire-resistant polymer.

The operating light specifications include a light field size of 12 to 30 cm, LED life of over 50000 hours, 84+126 LED lights, and a capacitive touch panel for brightness control. The medical device is designed with an adjustable focusing facility and optional battery backup.


CELESTA is an LED OT light manufactured by Matrix Medicals Pvt. Ltd., an award-winning ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 company incorporated in 2007. Celesta facilitates surgeons who are on a mission to save lives. In every way, the surgical device exhibits the basic characteristics of natural daylight. The product combines four important metrics of a surgical luminaire. The surgical light is designed with a metal body and efficient optics and offers customization options. The innovative medical device also has a 100 percent failsafe mechanism. 

During surgery, it is necessary that surgeons are able to view the true colors of various tissues to do correct clinical diagnoses. This is why vividness and true colour rendering are both crucial for surgeons. The Celesta series of surgical lights is the first to provide more than 98 CRI and over 92 GAI, thus giving a truly vivid and natural light. Celesta is carefully designed to provide a high quality of light to precisely illuminate the surgical cavity, even in smaller amounts. The vivid nature and true colours of illumination along with deep cavity and narrow focus modes are useful for a variety of surgical procedures. 

The manufacturer gives importance to the quality of light over quantity. The operating light is designed with other useful features. The ergonomic design facilitates a better grip, multi-colour LEDs provide three colour temperature modes, and the detachable full HD camera and sterilizable handle offer more convenience. The aluminum body of the device helps in proper thermal management. The smart focus controller offers four operational modes: standard, narrow, deep cavity, and endo for different clinical applications such as neuro, pediatric procedures, deep cavity procedures, cardiac procedures, and endoscopic procedures. 

Precision LED 300

Precision LED 300 is manufactured by Hospedia Medicare Pvt. Ltd., a top manufacturer and exporter of mobile and ceiling-mounted versions of shadowless OT lights. They have experience of more than 35 years in the LED surgical lighting industry. The company’s goal is to deliver the best camera fixed, ceiling, and mobile operation theatre lights to their customers.

The manufacturer’s surgical lights are designed with the newest German lighting technology. Their medical lenses create a shadowless impact while maintaining the depth of the field for the healthcare practitioner. In order to remove hand and head shadows during surgical procedures, Hospedia Medicare’s innovative design and light configurations offer outstanding shadow controls under light obstructions. The OT light has a screwless design, which enables the product to be easily cleaned and lends durability. It eliminates instances of surgical lights shifting or coming down by themselves during operations.

LED OT lights for hospitals have a user-friendly and intuitive design. In order to preserve the natural colors of tissues without straining the eyes of practitioners and other users’ eyes, they have developed a patented dome design called “Precision” that delivers an adjustable focus of homogeneous light through a lens system.

Hospedia Precision LED surgical lights boast an impressive output of 160,000 Lux, delivering powerful performance during procedures. The surgical device offers easy movement from any angle, covering a wide range of motion, thanks to its indigenously designed Hospedia arm that enables a 360-degree movement from the revolving axis and central axis. The light heads have smooth surfaces that allow disinfection and sterile environment maintenance in OT theatres with ease. A removable handle can be sterilized for protection against fluid ingress and disinfection. Their technology is free from halogens, mercury content, and CFCs, making it a healthy replacement for traditional halogen mobile and ceiling OT lights. The smooth design also helps reduce stress on health practitioners, providing a relaxed and gentle light that does not produce heat even after prolonged use. The light head maintains its coolness and each LED has a service life of more than 50,000 working hours.


In conclusion, having the right surgical equipment is crucial for successful outcomes. Medzell offers a wide range of top-rated equipment from leading manufacturers and ensures easy procurement at affordable rates. Upgrade your facility with the latest equipment and provide your patients with the best possible care.

Medzell is designed to ensure easy procurement at affordable rates. We offer a user-friendly interface to search and order products online and logistics support for fast and reliable shipping. Our customer support team is available 24/7 to assist with any questions or concerns. If you are interested in learning more about general medical devices available for sale on our website, do take a look at Must-have General Medical Devices for Hospitals – Part 1.









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