Medzell’s Unique Offerings for Global Buyers

Medzell’s Unique Offerings for Global Buyers

Nowadays, there is no dearth of B2B platforms that buyers use for their medical device purchase needs. However, it may be wise to take a step back and consider whether your current method of product procurement fulfills all your requirements. Medzell’s unique services can elevate your satisfaction with the buying process to the next level. Once you register with us for free, you can make use of most of our offerings such as personalized assistance from start to finish, unparallelled payment security, and fast delivery of quotes among others.

About Medzell

Medzell is a worldwide B2B platform that was founded in April 2022. We began our journey with the aim to create an efficient and reliable platform that supports buyers as well as manufacturers. At present, we offer our services to more than 5000 buyers from more than 100 countries. More than 80 leading Indian manufacturers have registered with us. 

Our leading clients include Ibis Medical Equipment and Systems Pvt. Ltd., Safeshield India Rubber Products Pvt. Ltd., Agappe Diagnostics Ltd., Recorders & Medicare Systems Pvt. Ltd., AVI Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., Zeal Medical Pvt. Ltd., STAAN Bio-Med Engineering Private Limited, Airways Surgicals Private Limited to name a few.

What sets us apart from our competitors?

Medzell has service offerings that suit your every need, which will be at your disposal upon registration. Medzell is the 1st B2B platform that offers dedicated customer support to international medical device buyers especially for distributors and dealers. Medzell promotes medical devices that are specifically made in India and connects global buyers with manufacturers rather than with wholesalers/ traders.

In addition to these, we also help buyers of medical equipment and supplies in the following scenarios:

  1. If you are a buyer/ dealer/ distributor who has concerns about purchasing medical devices from India (as a single unit or in bulk), you get unmatched security through Medzell Fulfillment through which we will secure your payments and enable you to get products delivered on time. Reduce your business-related anxieties with Medzell Fulfillment service which ensures:

    • Secure payment transactions

    • On-time delivery

    • World-class after-sales support

    •  In case of a delay in product dispatch, you can

      • Cancel your order 

      • Get up to 100% refund

  2. If you are a buyer/ dealer/ distributor who gets frustrated with the lack of free and dedicated customer support for your inquiries related to medical device procurement from India (from the point of sharing inquiries to closing a deal), you will be assigned a dedicated Procurement Officer. Shorten your buying process and unburden your stress by working with your Dedicated Procurement Officer who:

    • Delivers quotations to you quickly

    • Brings freight rates without delay 

    • Coordinates your meetings with Indian manufacturers

    • Arranges virtual product demos at your request

  3. If you are a buyer/ dealer/ distributor who loses a significant amount of time while waiting for your quotes or replies to your inquiries, we ensure that you get quotes in one hour. You can add more time to your day and subtract your stress while you: 

    • Get quotes for specific products in 1 hour

    • Receive the quotes for bulk requirements within 24 to 48 hours

  4. If you are a buyer/ dealer/ distributor who has not found a platform where you can connect with trusted, verified, and leading Indian manufacturers, you can find the M-Trust Assurance seal associated with certain manufacturers who had undergone additional levels of verification on Medzell. These manufacturers are assigned the M-Trust Assurance seal based on:

    • Export-readiness

    • International certifications 

    • Compliance with global standards

  5. If you are a buyer/ dealer/ distributor who always ends up spending more on freight charges, you can get reasonable freight rates through Medzell. Our association with freight forwarding companies across India will make sure that you get:

    • Affordable freight rates

    • Best route suggestions from any location in India

  6. If you are a distributor who wishes to indulge in distributorship or partnership with manufacturers in India to get products you do not have in your portfolio or find an alternate supplier, we:

    • Provide distributorship assistance

    • Arrange meetings with manufacturers

    • Act as a mediator between you and the manufacturers in the distributorship process

See what you can achieve with Medzell at each stage of your medical device procurement from India.

Flowchart for Buyers


We have a long list of satisfied customers who have expressed their contentment with Medzell’s professionalism, fast response, and the variety of options we provide them. Buyers around the globe appreciate our customer service and our 24/7 availability to solve their challenging issues. Many buyers are indeed enthusiastic about working with us again. 

To check out the testimonials of our happy customers, My Medilife SDN BHD (Malaysia) and Ayasam Pvt. Ltd. (Zimbabwe), click here.

Medzell addressed the issues that Ayasam Pvt. Ltd. (a buyer from Zimbabwe) faced with previously used B2B platforms, such as longer search time for products, unsatisfactory search results, and slower response time. With our intervention, the company was able to dramatically reduce its deal closing time from 3 months to less than 30 days. To get an insight into the ways in which Ayasam Pvt. Ltd. accomplished its goals with Medzell at its side, click here.

If you are a buyer outside India who would like to engage in business with Indian manufacturers, you would benefit from the unique offerings Medzell has to offer you. 

Register with us for free and get access to our superlative customer service, among other procurement conveniences. Once you start using Medzell, you will find everything you were looking for and we are 100% sure of it.

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