Medzell – The Perfect Choice For Indian Medical Device Manufacturers

Medzell – The Perfect Choice For Indian Medical Device Manufacturers

The medical device industry in India is fast growing and so are the number of consumers worldwide. The emerging markets rely primarily on imports from developed countries and are expected to grow to $100 billion by 2025. There is a huge gap in the demand and supply of medical devices across the globe and is a wonderful opportunity for technology innovation and novel product development to address the specific challenges.

The medical devices sector in India comprises large multinationals and small and midsized manufacturing companies. Due to COVID-19, the world has transformed and evolved to do business digitally. The Indian government has also come up with various initiatives to promote research and development of Make-in-India medical devices and equipment, thus making the medical devices industry a lucrative space to focus on.

Most companies give customers a disconnected experience, with sales, service and marketing making the customers stressed. The need to change through digital transformation is critical for the growth of business in today’s time. Today’s B2B buyers expect manufacturers to understand the industry thoroughly. Medzell, an innovative B2B platform has been developed to meet the existing gap in the medical devices market.

At Medzell, we have a team of highly qualified biomedical engineers and experts who understand your requirements and can provide customised solutions to Indian medical device manufacturers to go global. We invest in a lot of time and effort to understand customer values, expectations, and behaviours. There is alignment of goals and objectives from the leadership team to the employees, thereby promoting trust. 

Medzell has tie-ups with Indian manufacturers and has a portfolio of innovative, high-quality medical devices across specialty areas listed on its site. Medzell also identifies and validates potential customers and provides customized leads to the manufacturers aiming at expanding their business globally. Our global expertise is used to consult the Indian medical device manufacturer to make their product and solutions fit for the global market in terms of price, specifications, quality standards, regulatory conditions, and supply chain.

Our digital experts reach out to the target markets using unique tools and innovative media strategies to generate business leads from across the world. The data gathered helps streamline the digital selling experience and to apply insights to digital evolution. It also helps evaluate brand relevance, gather customer feedback, and increase revenue. Our In-house sales experts use unparalleled patented tools to identify customer behaviour, providing them the right input to make decisions in favour of the products and services offered by us.

We at Medzell are here to help medical device manufacturers to leverage their expertise and presence across markets internationally and boost their sales. Our platform is a user-friendly one that offers an array of services at nominal costs. With Medzell you can be assured of seamless networking with the international dealers/distributors and access a wide range of medical devices and equipment at a click of the mouse.

Medical devices manufacturers and distributors can Register with us by choosing a plan that best suits their requirements.. We will collaborate with you to increase your lead generation and export.

For companies looking to jumpstart their digital transformation efforts, Medzell is the bridge for stakeholders to come together, create a shared vision and take steps towards thriving in the global market. Together let us tap this potential growth opportunity to penetrate international markets and contribute towards the vision of affordable and quality healthcare to all. Let the change start with you. Come collaborate with Medzell.




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