A Trusted Partner To Make Your Global Expansion Dream A Reality

A Trusted Partner To Make Your Global Expansion Dream A Reality

The Indian Medical Device Manufacturing Industry has shown promising growth in the last decade and is expected to grow exponentially by 2025. With the various government programs supporting the medical device manufacturers in place, the market has seen growing interest from national and international buyers. Currently, the Indian medical device manufacturing companies are at two ends of the spectrum. More than 50% of the Indian manufacturers are prominent only in the domestic market and have very little to no medical equipment export experience and the large MNCs are dominating globally. The market is unequal.

The small and medium entities (SMEs) in the medical device manufacturing sector need trusted partners with the required expertise to make the global business expansion possible. This will level the market and create more opportunities for SMEs to expand internationally. From an international business point of view, a partner should be able to bring expertise, integrity, and networking to the table.

It is essential to have trust between the partners to ensure a seamless flow of work. Trust between partners acts as the foundation for international business expansion. At Medzell, we understand the importance and emphasis on creating great interpersonal relations, which allows for a better understanding of the expectations and thus makes it easier to reach the objective. Medzell is one of the few vertical marketplaces that concentrate specifically on medical devices that are Made-in-India. Our understanding of the innumerable amount of innovative and high-standard medical devices that are being manufactured by SMEs throughout India has led us to the establishment of a Business to Business (B2B) platform that aims at projecting all of these phenomenal products globally.

Medzell maintains trust with manufacturers by providing transparency and customized options for each manufacturer to select the plans suitable for them to connect with us. Starting with a variety of premium plans that offer you the chance to choose from a wide range of features like helping you build into a global brand, lead generation, data curation, and free listing of your products where you have the freedom, to test the platform first and build trust. We are aware that expansion will always bring about changes, therefore we will always have the flexibility to switch between plans in the future to fulfill the requirements. The process of expanding a business internationally can be stressful.  Having an expert guiding you through all these complexities and providing trusted leads can help make your expansion a reality. To know more about the features click here.

The convenience to navigate through a multitude of certified, export quality products which are categorized both by application and department with advanced search filters in place makes Medzell the perfect platform for any buyers to meet their needs. The procurement process is made simple and credible by maintaining transparency between the buyers and manufacturers. As intermediate trade companies are now being omitted from the picture, the buyers have direct access to the manufacturer and thus have enhanced chances of partnership opportunities. This will also facilitate the procurement of medical devices at affordable rates which will, in turn, create a loyal customer base. Medzell also provides dedicated support to buyers in the form of a chat system wherein an international business executive is available to provide quick support for all queries and clarifications.

As the current market space is constantly advancing digitally a requirement for additional assistance might arise, Medzell is just a click away to provide any such additional business requirements.

With the focus on ease of use, extensive networking, export business effectiveness, and credibility, Medzell can be your trusted platform on the path to making your global expansion a reality. Come experience a seamless path with Medzell to connect to the international market.


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