Extensive Range of Popular Diagnostic Equipment Made in India

Extensive Range of Popular Diagnostic Equipment Made in India

Diagnostic tests play a crucial role in healthcare as they help physicians monitor several elements of a patient’s health, arrive at the correct diagnosis and develop a proper treatment plan. Diagnostic equipment with the latest technology ensures the smooth and efficient functioning of healthcare centers and helps doctors provide the best treatment to their patients. Fast and convenient access to high-quality devices improves the lives of patients. 

Medzell is on a mission to connect top Indian manufacturers with international buyers. As part of our relentless efforts to make affordable medical equipment available on a global scale, we bring you a curated list of some of the most enquired product categories available on our website. Read on to know more about C-arm X-ray machines, ECG machines, patient monitoring systems, X-ray machines, spirometers, and fetal monitors from trusted Indian manufacturers.

1. C-Arm X-Ray Machines

C-arm X-ray Machines

                                                         Fig: Corus 9 HD 1K from RMS India

A C-arm X-ray machine is a medical imaging device. The fluoroscopy device can be used to visualize the anatomy of patients in operating rooms during surgeries. The C-arm machine gets its name from the C-shaped arm that connects the X-ray tube and the image intensifier. Its unique design enables free movement that helps to cover the entire body of the patient. 

Corus 9 HD 1K

Recorders & Medicare Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of affordable and user-friendly C-arm machines from India. Their C-arm X-ray machines have applications in abdominal surgery, orthopedics, and urology. 

Corus 9 HD 1K is a C-arm with a 40 kHz, 3.5 kW high-frequency X-ray generator. Its useful features include a digital console with an LCD display, a 6-inch image intensifier/ 9-inch triple field image intensifier, a laser aimer that efficiently protects patients and doctors from unwanted X-ray exposure, an HD camera module that is integrated with low distortion lens, high-definition image memory, and two USB ports for the keyboard and the memory stick.

Corus 9 HD 1K employs the latest technology, making it safe and reliable. The device provides images of excellent quality that allow correct diagnosis and treatment. The up-and-down movement of the C arm is actuator controlled. The device consists of one 32-inch HD monitor and wheels with a cable deflector. The machine is furnished with a trolley to house image memory, monitors, and a servo stabilizer.

C Ray Pro

C Ray Pro manufactured by BPL Medical Technologies Private Limited is the ideal C-arm machine that facilitates precise image quality and improved user experience. The compact and lightweight device allows easy maneuverability and mobility and is equipped with advanced features such as a high-frequency X-ray generator, a 7-inch touchscreen control panel that is intuitive, and an Auto Brightness Stabilization (ABS) facility that adjusts kV/mA for the best images. 

Other noteworthy specifications include a kV range of 40 to 110 and a stationary anode X-ray tube head that can perform real-time heat monitoring. The C-arm machine has multiple operating modes (continuous, snapshot, boost fluoro, and radiography modes). The compact workstation has 17″ dual high-resolution LED monitors/19″ dual monochrome medical grid monitors. It operates efficiently due to its ergonomic design and auto-saving of images.

VCA Surgery Mobile C-Arm X-ray System

VCA Surgery Mobile C-Arm X-ray System is a radiographic C-Arm X-ray system from Vision Medicaid Equipments Pvt. Ltd. that delivers consistently sharp and clear images. Complex surgical procedures benefit from the latest generator design. VCA has a single field (6″)/dual field (9″) image intensifier. The device is mainly used during surgical, cardiology, endoscopy, orthopedic, and ER procedures.

Notable features of this C-arm machine are a 4 frame image for comparing images before and after the surgery, a dual collimating system with radiography and fluoroscopy modes, and a microprocessor with tactile membrane switches. The fluoroscopy mode provides a safety precaution facility, where the temperature sensor cuts the exposure once the X-ray tube head overheats.

The C-arm X-ray machine consists of 15″ imported monitors with high density and low noise. It can save 32 frames of memory that are compatible with a PC with a fully-featured remote control. The device allows real-time zoom with horizontal and vertical panning. An Image Management System (IMS) high-frequency generator is also available.

2. Electrocardiograph (ECG) Machines

Spandan 4.0 Portable 12-lead ECG device

                     Fig: Spandan 4.0 Portable 12-lead ECG device from Sunfox Technologies

An ECG machine displays heart rhythm and electrical activity in the form of a graph, either electronically or on paper.

Spandan 4.0 Portable 12-lead ECG device

Spandan 4.0 is an innovative device from Sunfox Technologies Private Limited that offers 99.7% accuracy. The portable 12-lead ECG machine can be used to do an unlimited number of ECG tests from the comfort of your home. The user-friendly device can detect 12 heart dysfunctions, 21 arrhythmia patterns, and 12 kinds of STEMI and ischemia. The GMP- and ROHS-compliant device enables live ECG monitoring. 

The ECG machine does not require batteries since it uses power from the connected mobile phone. The Spandan app for smartphones functions without the internet. The device is ideal to use in emergencies as ECG tests can be completed in 10 to 15 seconds. Spandan weighs only 12 g, which makes it convenient to carry around while traveling.

Cardiart 9108D

Cardiart 9108D is a compact 12-lead ECG device from BPL Medical Technologies Private Limited. This machine employs the Glasgow ECG interpretation algorithm, one of the leading resting ECG interpretations globally. It comes with a large 7-inch high-resolution colour touchscreen and supports an external USB printer and multi-format reports export. The machine permits fast and accurate ECG testing and improved diagnosis.

Cardiart 9108D has an internal storage capacity of up to 800 ECGs. The stored ECGs can be enlarged using a USB and an SD card. The device has a high-performing Li-ion battery that is rechargeable. Report formats are available in PDF along with an option for SCP/FDA-XML/DICOM data export.   

Vizyon E200

Vizyon E200 developed by MAX Meditech Pvt. Ltd. is a portable A4 ECG machine that weighs less than 3 kg. This lightweight ECG device has many interesting features, including selectable display formats, an alphanumeric keyboard that is splash-resistant, and direct keys that can be used to do important functions. True Interpretation Sensitivity Algorithm (TSA) is another remarkable feature. 

The internal memory of the device can store the data of 200 patients. Manual and automatic modes of operation are available. The 12 leads (I, II, III, aVF, aVL, aVR, and V1-V6 pre-cordials) do a simultaneous recording. The ECG machine has a high-resolution printer and a rechargeable battery. A hundred recordings can be done on a fully charged battery.

3. Patient Monitoring Systems

Vizyon M12

                                                    Fig: Vizyon M12 from MAX Meditech

BPL EliteView EV100 

BPL EliteView EV100 is a product of BPL Medical Technologies Private Limited. It is a specialized modular monitor with a cardiovascular monitoring feature. The multiparameter monitor has an optional A4 (216 mm) modular printer for synchronous printing of 12-lead ECG. This patient monitoring system can monitor various parameters such as CO2, IBP, cardiac output, gas monitoring, BIS, and ICG.

The device has a 12.1-inch high-resolution display with a touchscreen and a high-performance Li-ion battery. It also has a powerful ECG diagnostic function (12-lead ECG). The device enables the measurement and interpretation of signals (122 kinds of arrhythmia analysis). The standard configuration consists of 12-lead ECG, respiration, SpO2 (MASIMO / Nellcor / Digital), NiBP, and temperature. The multiparameter monitor’s optional modules include IBP, EtCO2, AGM, CO, and ICG. The monitor is characterized by efficient memory storage (150 hours full disclosure) with a calculation interface.

Vizyon M12

Vizyon M12, a product of Max Meditech, is a precise and reliable ICU/ICCU/OT-grade patient monitor. The device has a 12.1-inch TFT screen and a large font size that grants better visibility. This revolutionary device can be used for pediatric, neonatal, and adult patients. It has a single knob that can be used to browse the menu or the sub-menu. The patient monitor machine can do monitoring during transit.

This multiparameter monitor has intelligent visual and audio alarms and a night mode to ensure the comfort of patients. The display can show up to ten waveforms that include IBP/EtCO2, temperature, SpO2, NiBP, etc. In addition to the above features, Vizyon M12 gives the option of remote monitoring through WIFI.

Phoebus P529

Phoebus P529 patient monitoring system developed by Recorders & Medicare Systems Pvt. Ltd. is designed to improve patient care and clinical performance. It is suitable for monitoring the vitals of adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients. Phoebus P529 measures the following 7 parameters: NiBP, SpO2, respiration, ECG, IBP, temperature, and EtCO2.

The multiparameter monitor has a 12.1-inch screen that has a high-resolution colour display. The device has a titration table and drug dose calculation functions. The important features of this patient monitor include 5 days wave review, arrhythmia detection, audio-visual alarms that are color-coded, pace detection, night mode, mainstream and sidestream capnography, and the facility to store 20 days worth of tabular and graphical trends. The multiparameter monitor is electrocautery and defibrillator protected, enables CMS connectivity via WiFi, ST segment analysis in real-time, and dual channel invasive blood pressure (IBP) monitoring.

4. X-Ray Machines

X-ray Machines in Medzell

                           Fig: BPL M RAD 3.5 from BPL Medical Technologies

An X-ray machine is a medical device that uses imaging techniques to create images of body structures. The image created by the X-ray machine is called a radiograph. It helps healthcare professionals see images on a film or digitally and thereby diagnose fractures. They also permit healthcare workers to visualize organs in the chest area, such as lungs, abdomen, heart, etc. 

MDX-100 DX

MDX-100 DX is a mobile X-ray machine manufactured by Recorders & Medicare Systems Pvt. Ltd. The range of medical diagnostic X-ray machines from the company includes fixed and mobile X-ray machines capable of fluoroscopy, radiography, and spot filming. MDX-100 DX  is designed with innovative features that make it user-friendly. This affordable and high-quality machine meets Indian and international standards for safety.

MDX-100 DX is the first in the country of its kind. This X-ray machine has a 100mA and 100 KVP X-ray generator. It has a microcontroller- based design and a soft-touch control panel. The portable device has a mobile stand and can be conveniently used for bedside X-rays. The machine has additional features such as an anatomical program, error indication, graphical colour TFT display, electronic overload protection, and a stationary anode X-ray tube(BEL or imported).


BPL M RAD 3.5 is a high-frequency digital X-ray machine from BPL Medical Technologies Private Limited. The device has a unique design with high image quality. It ensures low radiation exposure for patients and clinicians. This mobile X-ray machine is lightweight and compact. It’s wireless digital flat panel detector and efficient design make it ideal for use in operating rooms, ICUs, and patient wards.

The device has a user-friendly control panel along with an alphanumeric LCD and 155 anatomical programs. The touch console benefits clinicians by giving them access to radiography images of superior quality. The X-ray machine has a 3.5 KW output with a 40 KHz X-ray generator. Furthermore, it has an adjustable collimator with a high luminescence lamp which enables faster and easier positioning.

Rollx DR

Rollx DR is a mobile X-ray machine from Allengers Medical Systems Ltd. that is based on high-frequency X-ray generation technology. The compact and lightweight device can be transported using elevators easily. This device can be used in situations where easy mobility is necessary such as trauma cases and for taking bedside X-Rays in ICUs and hospital wards. Rollx DR has a 14″ x 17″ wireless flat panel detector and a large user-friendly touchscreen console. 

The X-ray machine has an integrated control panel where the images are displayed. Retakes can be done immediately and additional image views are selectable. Examinations can be performed quickly as high-definition images are produced in mere seconds after exposure. The fast reproducibility of digital images is an excellent help during trauma assessment. Doctors can use the information to interpret fractures quickly. This manual-driven mobile DR system is compatible with DICOM 3.0. It can operate on just a 230 V(single phase) standard wall socket.

5. Spirometry Machines


                                                   Fig: SpiroTech+ from Clarity Medical 

Spirometry machines (or spirometers) are devices that are used to perform spirometry tests, which are a type of lung function test. Spirometry tests are used to measure the airflow through the lungs. The device checks if the lungs are functioning normally. Spirometers diagnose lung and airway diseases such as asthma, COPD, and more.

Safey Pocket Spirometer

The spirometers manufactured by Safey Medical Devices Private Limited are a complete lung health monitoring solution. They benefit doctors, patients, and remote healthcare providers. Safey spirometers meet ISO 13485:2016 standards and are FDA 510(k)-approved. The company produces connected pocket spirometers with clinical-grade accuracy. 

The smart-connected and ATS/ERS-compliant device is useful in managing COPD conditions and asthma. The portable spirometry machine is an android and iOS app-based device. It can be easily paired with a phone via Bluetooth to do spirometry tests. The device helps in the prevention of asthma attacks as it enables early detection with a high accuracy rate.

The affordable spirometer can measure around 33 parameters that include FEV1/FVC, FEV1, FVC, PEF, FEV1/FEV6, etc. This handy device is suitable for those in the age range of 5 to 93 years. Patients and their caregivers can conveniently share the test reports with doctors using Safey’s mobile app.

Safey’s devices allow physicians to perform spirometry check-ups at clinics or homes. The Safey platform helps them to be connected with their patients and helps them address any issues on time. Moreover, remote patient monitoring platforms can be easily integrated with spirometers. The following accessories are provided by the company: a single patient reusable turbine, a pouch, 2 AAA batteries, and a reusable mouthpiece.

Helios 702

The Helios range of spirometers from Recorders & Medicare Systems Pvt. Ltd. is available in stand-alone and PC-based versions. These spirometry machines have advanced software that enables 34 parameter readings, percentage improvement, calculation of lung age, and pre-post bronchodilation results. Other things that can be achieved are the interpretation of test results, trends, and pediatric incentives.

Helios 702 is a portable spirometer with a high-resolution colour graphic TFT display, a built-in thermal printer, and the capacity to store the data of 2500 patients. The machine can perform FVC, MVV, and SVC tests and evaluate 51 vital parameters with interpretation. Other features are Indian-predicted equations and the ability to download the data to a PC.


SpiroTech+ is a high-end variant of spirometers from Clarity Medical Pvt. Ltd. It is a battery-powered device that requires no external equipment for operation. The portable and compact machine derives power through a USB port. The spirometry machine has an in-built long-lasting battery, a thermal printer, large memory storage capacity, the ability to perform  MVV, FVC, and SVC tests, and automatic mains and battery power modes.

The spirometer offers graphical and tabular pre- and post-test comparisons. A predicted equation builder is available for editing and evaluating the equation. Patients can be searched by using their names, IDs, reference numbers, and referring doctors. Up to 10 tests of a specific patient can be conducted. Furthermore, data can be printed in different formats according to the requirements of patients. Print formats or PDF files can be generated and sent via email. FVC trends can be viewed on the main screen along with result values.

6. Fetal Monitors

Janitri Keyar DT Pro Plus Wireless Fetal Monitor

                                               Fig: Keyar DT Pro+ from Janitri Innovations

Fetal monitors are devices that are used to monitor the heart rate of the fetus during labor and delivery. This can be useful in identifying changes in the heart rate pattern and taking steps if any changes are observed. 

Keyar DT Pro+

Keyar DT Pro+, a product of Janitri Innovations Private Limited, is a reliable portable and wireless CTG machine. It comes along with a portable case, a charging dock, and belts. It can be used for prenatal NST and fetal monitoring(EFM) during labour. The presence of wireless probes permits heart monitoring without restricting the mother’s mobility during the birthing process. The high-quality probes have multiple sensors that help to get clear and accurate sound of the heartbeat.

The device can be connected to any smartphone and has critical reminders and alarms. It enables cloud storage of past reports. The fetal monitor generates digital reports that can be printed using any printer. A remote monitoring facility is available that helps to get access to digital records and live graphs on the mobile phone.

Auto-interpreted reports help to make decisions faster and with more accuracy with ready acceleration, STV, baseline, and other CTG parameters. The fetal heart monitor provides the option to connect a second Doppler probe so that two fetuses can be monitored simultaneously. Since the placement of the probes is flexible, readings can be taken regardless of fetal presentation.

Keyar CM Pro+

Keyar CM Pro+ is an affordable, beltless, and wireless device that simplifies fetal heart monitoring. The easy-to-use device from Janitri Innovations Private Limited comes with a portable case and five sets of electrodes. This next-generation fetal-maternal monitoring system is the outcome of six years of research done in collaboration with gynecologists, mothers, nurses, and other stakeholders. The ECG and EMG signal-based device helps in clearly differentiating between the fetal and maternal heart rates. Moreover, it can measure contractions without using additional probes.

Fetal heart rate monitoring is easy since there is no need to change the position of the probe for locating the baby’s heartbeat. Constant readings of maternal and fetal signs can be taken during labour and the right actions can be taken on time. Digital records and live graphs can be viewed on mobile phones through the remote monitoring facility. The fetal monitor ensures that monitoring takes place even when the mother walks. Thus, mothers enjoy more freedom of movement in the absence of belts and wires. 

Auto-interpreted reports help to make faster and more accurate decisions with ready acceleration, STV, baseline, and other CTG parameters. Digital reports can be generated that allow easy record-keeping and the reports can be printed using any printer. The device has critical reminders and alarms. It offers a cloud storage facility for previous reports.

Fetal Lite

Fetal Lite is a European CE-certified fetal heart rate monitor from InnAccel Technologies Pvt. Ltd., that employs fetal ECG signal extraction technology. This technology is more accurate, reliable, and easy to use compared to Doppler-based machines. It can be used for mothers in labour or those who have completed 37 weeks of gestation. This heart rate monitor reduces the need for operator training and continuous monitoring of the machine and offers comfort to the mother.

The heart monitor includes a single probe that can measure the heart rate of the fetus and the mother and uterine contractions. Other key features include standard placement over the umbilicus and automatic detection of fetal distress patterns along with visual and audio indications. In addition, localizing the fetal heart position for placement is not needed while using this device. No adjustment is needed either on fetal position change.

The portable fetal monitor enables remote monitoring facility with cloud connectivity. It allows wireless connection to a detachable tablet for the display and storage of data. The system sits in a charging dock that weighs less than 3 kg. This innovative device can help in reducing intrapartum deaths by facilitating better diagnosis and care, and efficient referrals of newborns at high risk.


The entire range of diagnostic equipment mentioned here can be easily purchased through Medzell, a fast-growing medical device platform dedicated to connecting international buyers with manufacturers in India. We feature other devices on our platform that aid in timely diagnoses and proper action, such as blood pressure (BP) monitors, electroencephalograph systems (EEG), pulse oximeters, dental X-Ray machines, ultrasound systems, Holter ECG monitors, and more.

If you are on a mission to procure medical devices of superior quality that deliver ultimate benefits to your end-users, you can easily choose from 5500+ products from 530+ product categories. We have a wide collection of NICU devices, among which the top 5 most enquired product categories are elaborated in our latest blog Top 5 Neonatal Equipment and Consumables from Leading Indian Manufacturers.

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