Accelerating Healthcare Access in Nigeria: How Medzell B2B Medical Marketplace Empowered OKOROZE GLOBAL LIMITED’s Acquisition of Cost-Effective CPAP Machines

Buyer Case Study - Nigeria - Accelerating Healthcare Access in Nigeria


OKOROZE GLOBAL LIMITED, a medical supplies buyer from Nigeria, faced significant hurdles in their quest to acquire low-cost, reliable CPAP machines. With a limited budget and a rising demand for these medical devices, they were challenged with finding a trustworthy supplier that could provide high-quality devices without compromising on affordability. In an industry often marred by fraudulent transactions, OKOROZE GLOBAL LIMITED’s priority was to find a safe and secure way to conduct the purchase.


Medzell Fulfillment

Medzell, a top-tier and fastest-growing B2B marketplace for medical devices, offered OKOROZE GLOBAL LIMITED a solution that addressed their concerns with the aid of our unique service – Medzell Fulfillment. This system ensured a safe transaction by billing through Medzell, effectively eliminating the possibility of any fraudulent activity. The items were supplied directly from reputable Indian manufacturers. Medzell Fulfillment also reassured the buyer of a refund if there were unexpected delays in dispatch.


Firstly, OKOROZE GLOBAL LIMITED was able to solicit multiple quotes, which helped them land cost-effective deals. They also obtained trusted and high-quality Nebulizers, and Infant Radiant Warmers as per their requirements. The buyer did not have to worry about safety inspections, regulatory compliances, or logistics – Medzell had it all covered.


As a result, OKOROZE GLOBAL LIMITED successfully met its procurement goals, subsequently generating considerable business value. Leveraging Medzell’s robust marketplace offerings, the Nigerian company successfully navigated the procurement of essential medical devices within its budget without compromising on quality. This case upholds Medzell’s reputation as a pioneering B2B medical device marketplace that combines safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness for buyers worldwide.

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