Unveiling Medical Needles: Types, Uses, and Safety Precautions

Unveiling Medical Needles: Types, Uses, and Safety Precautions

Are you curious about the different types of medical needles used in healthcare settings? Look no further! Our blog delves into the world of medical needles, covering everything from hypodermic needles, suture needles, blood collection needles, and epidural needles, to biopsy needles, insulin needles, safety precautions that as to be followed while using medical needles.

But first, let’s talk about Medzell, a futuristic B2B platform that aims to promote Indian medical devices in emerging markets. Medzell offers a wide range of medical equipment, including needles, at competitive prices. Healthcare providers worldwide have favored them due to their emphasis on innovation, quality, and affordability. Now, let’s dive into the world of medical needles!

Types of Medical Needles

Hypodermic Needles

Hypodermic needles find widespread use in administering injections and drawing blood. They come in different sizes and gauges, with smaller numbers indicating a larger needle. The most common gauge size for injections is 25-27, while 18-22 gauge needles are used for drawing blood. Hypodermic needles work by puncturing the skin and delivering medication or withdrawing blood.

Safety protocols must be observed while using hypodermic needles, which may involve hand washing, glove usage, and appropriate disposal of used needles in a sharps container. Reusing needles or sharing them with others can result in infections such as HIV and hepatitis.

Suture Needles

Suture needles are used to close wounds and surgical incisions. Different shapes and sizes of suture needles are offered, such as straight, curved, or tapered choices. Choosing an appropriate suture needle often relies on the location and type of tissue that requires suturing.

A high-quality suture needle should be sharp, easy to handle, and have minimal tissue trauma. Proper handling and disposal of suture needles are important to prevent needlestick injuries and infection.

Blood Collection Needles

Blood collection needles are used to draw blood from patients for diagnostic purposes. They are available in various sizes and gauges, with 21-23 gauge being the most commonly used size. The proper technique for blood collection involves selecting the appropriate needle size, finding the right vein, and using a sterile technique.

Proper disposal of blood collection needles is crucial, and it is essential to avoid reusing or sharing them with others, as this may cause infections.

Epidural Needles

Epidural needles are used to deliver anesthesia or medication for pain management during childbirth or surgery. They are inserted into the epidural space surrounding the spinal cord. Epidural needles come in different sizes and types, such as the Tuohy needle and the Weiss needle.

Potential risks and complications of epidural needles include infections, nerve damage, and allergic reactions. Proper technique and sterile precautions are crucial when using epidural needles.

Biopsy Needles

Biopsy needles are used to collect tissue samples for diagnosis. They come in different sizes and types, such as fine-needle aspiration and core biopsy needles. The choice of biopsy needle depends on the type and location of the tissue that needs to be sampled.

A sample is obtained in a biopsy procedure by inserting a needle into the tissue being examined. Potential risks and complications include bleeding, infection, and damage to nearby organs. Proper handling and disposal of biopsy needles are important to prevent injury and infection.

Insulin Needles

Insulin needles are used by people with diabetes to inject insulin. They come in different sizes and gauges, with smaller gauge sizes causing less pain. The length of the needle also depends on the injection site.

Butterfly Needles (Winged Infusion Sets)

Butterfly needles are used for venipuncture and are often preferred for patients with difficult veins. They consist of two “wings” for easy manipulation and stability during insertion.

Spinal Needles

Spinal needles are used for spinal anesthesia and lumbar punctures. They are longer and thicker than regular needles and have a unique tip design.

Dialysis Needles

Dialysis needles are designed for use during hemodialysis, where they facilitate the exchange of blood between the patient and the dialysis machine.

Precaution Measures

Safety precautions when using medical needles are crucial to prevent accidental needlestick injuries, reduce the risk of infections, and ensure the safety of both healthcare providers and patients. Here are some important safety precautions to follow when handling medical needles.

  1. Use Needlestick Prevention Devices: Use needles equipped with safety features, such as retractable needles, needle caps, or safety shields. These devices help prevent accidental needlestick injuries after use.
  2. Avoid Recapping Needles: Never recap needles after use, as this significantly increases the risk of needlestick injuries. Instead, use safety mechanisms to cover the needle or immediately dispose of it in an approved sharps container.
  3. Follow Safe Disposal Procedures: Dispose of used needles and other sharps in designated sharps containers. Do not overfill the containers and ensure they are sealed properly to prevent injuries during disposal.
  4. Minimize Needle Manipulation: Avoid unnecessary manipulation of needles, as it increases the risk of accidental punctures. Keep needles capped or shielded until they are ready to be used.
  5. Proper Needle Insertion and Removal: When inserting or removing needles, maintain control over the needle and avoid sudden or jerky movements. Always insert needles at the appropriate angle and depth.
  6. Use Appropriate Needle Sizes: Select the appropriate needle size for the procedure to minimize tissue trauma and ensure accurate medication delivery or sample collection.
  7. Avoid Hand-to-Hand Passing: Never pass needles directly from hand to hand. Instead, use a tray or appropriate transfer technique to exchange needles safely.
  8. Avoid “Blind” Needle Insertions: When possible, use imaging guidance to ensure accurate needle placement and minimize the risk of unintentional damage to surrounding tissues.
  9. Hand Hygiene: Perform hand hygiene before and after handling needles. This helps prevent the spread of infections and maintains a sterile environment.
  10. Needle Disposal Regulations: Familiarize yourself with local regulations and guidelines for the disposal of medical sharps. Follow the recommended procedures to ensure safe and proper disposal.

Remember that different healthcare facilities might have specific policies and procedures in place for safe needle use. Always follow these guidelines and recommendations to maintain a safe environment for both healthcare providers and patients.

Medical Needles from Leading Indian Manufacturers

Medulla Spinal Needle

spinal-needleThe Spinal Needle Medulla, manufactured by Lars Medicare Pvt. Ltd. India, is a high-quality medical device designed for various procedures. The spinal needle features different types of needles suitable for different types of spinal procedures such as lumbar puncture, spinal anesthesia, and spinal fluid sampling. The needle is designed to ensure patient comfort and safety, with detachable stylets for accurate placement and depth markings for precise incisions. The surgical stainless steel construction guarantees reliability and durability. The precision-formed side hole ensures accurate anesthetic flow and reduces the risk of dura puncture. The properly sized distal end minimizes tissue coring and lumen blockage. The spinal needle is available in disposable and non-disposable forms and is sterile for medical procedures. The Quincke and Pencil models are available to meet various needs and preferences. These features make the Spinal Needle Medulla a reliable and effective tool for spinal procedures.



Aurolab stands as a prominent manufacturer and supplier of diverse medical needles in India. Aurotrocar is one of the medical suture needles by Aurolab. This valved device was created as a cheap solution to lessen the burden of exorbitant costs on hospitals and patients and offers exceptional qualities that satisfy retinal surgeons. The Aurotrocar has a sharp needle for smooth and high-precision incision and a self-sealing silicone valve that prevents leaking. The device is equipped with a tapered point cannula for smooth penetration and also has a cone-shaped cannula for easy insertion of instruments. The Aurotrocar is designed with low-friction silicone valves for smooth instrument exchange. It has a precise sclera marking point for safe incision positioning in 3mm and 4mm. The perfect locking of the adaptor with the cannula avoids choroidal damage. The color-coded handles for 23GA & 25GA are availably double-packed in blister & pouch. Each box shall contain three valved trocar cannulas that are mounted on sharp blades and one infusion line. These features make Aurotrocar a reliable and efficient tool for retinal surgery.

Chemo Perfusion Set


The Chemo Perfusion Set is a medical device manufactured by Glowtronics Private Limited. The set comes with a standard non-coring Huber-type needle and administration set consisting of a butterfly wing, a Y injection site, a pinch clamp, a male/female luer lock connector, and a phthalate-free PVC tube. The needle gauges and lengths are standard and bent at a 90° angle. The set features latex-free tubing and ribbed butterfly wing for cushioning. These features make the Chemo Perfusion Set a safe and reliable tool for chemotherapy.

Hypodermic Needle

levram-hypodermic-needlesLevram Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd., manufactures the Hypodermic Needle, positioning itself as a primary Indian producer and a global supplier of economical medical needles. These needles, also recognized as Multi-Sample Needles, find application in blood collection procedures. Engineered with a uniquely sharpened bevel, the needle minimizes discomfort, assures minimal tissue damage, and mitigates the risk of thrombosis. Incorporating a specially crafted rubber sleeve, the needle enables the withdrawal of blood from a single vein into multiple tubes concurrently. Crafted from HDPE material, the upper cover of the needle is complemented by a PP material bottom and hub. The cannula itself is constructed from stainless steel. These attributes collectively establish the Hypodermic Needle as a secure and dependable instrument for efficient blood collection.

Needle Holder Bozemann


The Needle Holder Bozemann is a medical device manufactured by Hospitime India, one of the leading manufacturers and global suppliers of medical needles in India. It is also known as the “curved needle driver” or “s-shaped needle holder.” The needle holder is constructed using surgical-grade steel, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion. The German stainless steel used in its construction gives it a dull shine, and its unique shape allows for the secure handling and manipulation of surgical needles during medical procedures.

The Needle Holder Bozemann is available in different shaped forceps, including S-shaped, curved, cross-serrated, and grooved, providing doctors with various options to choose from depending on their needs and preferences. With this device, surgeons can easily manipulate needles during surgical procedures, thus reducing the risk of accidental needle injury and enhancing precision.

In summary, the Needle Holder Bozemann is a high-quality medical device manufactured by Hospitime India. It is made of surgical-grade steel, available in different shaped forceps, and helps to enhance precision during surgical procedures, thus minimizing the risk of accidental needle injury.

Medzell – A Futuristic B2B Platform for Promoting Indian Medical Devices in Emerging Markets

You might be curious about the source for obtaining top-notch medical needles, along with other medical devices and equipment. That’s where Medzell comes in. Medzell is a futuristic B2B platform that connects buyers and sellers of medical devices in emerging markets.

Medzell collaborates with medical device manufacturers in India to deliver reasonably priced, high-quality products to healthcare providers in underdeveloped nations. By streamlining the procurement process and eliminating middlemen, Medzell is able to offer competitive prices and faster delivery times than traditional supply chain models.

In addition to medical needles, Medzell offers a wide range of medical devices and equipment, including surgical instruments, diagnostic equipment, and hospital furniture. With a focus on quality, affordability, and accessibility, Medzell is revolutionizing the healthcare industry in emerging markets.


Medical needles serve as a crucial instrument in the healthcare sector and are utilized for a diverse array of diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Comprehending the distinct categories of needles and their applications is vital for healthcare providers and patients alike.

Choosing sterile and high-quality needles that are appropriate for the specific task is very crucial, whether you’re a healthcare professional who is aiming at providing the best care to your patients or a patient who is getting ready for a medical procedure. With the help of platforms like Medzell, it’s easier than ever to access the medical devices and equipment you need to provide the best possible care.

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