Top 3 Test Kits Taking the World by Storm in 2024

Top 3 Test Kits to procure 2024

The global healthcare sector has seen a significant rise in the demand for diagnostic test kits, which play a crucial role in preventive health management and disease monitoring. Among these, certain test kits stand out due to their critical role in assessing and managing various health conditions. Notably, India has positioned itself as a top exporter in this market, contributing significantly to global healthcare by supplying high-quality, affordable test kits. Here, we explore the top three categories of test kits that are in high demand worldwide.

In today’s global health landscape, the demand for reliable and efficient test kits has skyrocketed. This article sheds light on the top three test kits that are in high demand worldwide. It is worth noting that India, known for its advanced medical industry, plays a significant role as one of the top exporters of test kits.

Protein Test Kits

Protein test kits are vital for diagnosing and monitoring numerous health conditions, including inflammation, nutritional status, and chronic diseases. These kits can measure various biomarkers, which are crucial for medical diagnostics:

CRP Test Kits

C-reactive protein (CRP) test kits are used extensively to assess inflammation and infection levels in the body. High sensitivity CRP tests are particularly useful in predicting cardiovascular diseases.


ACCUDx CQ hs-CRP kit

The ACCUDx CQ hs-CRP Kit, manufactured by Accurex Biomedical Pvt. Ltd., is a highly respected diagnostic tool designed to measure C-Reactive Protein (CRP) levels using fluorescence immunoassay techniques. Accurex Biomedical Pvt. Ltd. is renowned for its superior quality and reliability in the production of clinical chemistry reagents and urinalysis test strips. This kit is certified under ISO 9001 standards, ensuring its adherence to quality and performance benchmarks. It is available for purchase globally, including regions such as Oceania, Middle East, CIS Nations, South America, North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. The kit is designed to facilitate easy and accurate CRP testing, which is critical for diagnosing infections and monitoring inflammatory conditions. Customers can expect a lead time of 10-15 days for delivery, with options for both sea and air shipping through Medzell’s fulfillment services. Furthermore, Medzell assures customer satisfaction with a protective refund policy and dedicated procurement support to streamline the purchasing process.

Vitamin D Test Kits

With Vitamin D deficiency becoming a global health concern linked to bone disorders, immune system disturbances, and increased cancer risk, these kits offer critical diagnostic information.

Vitamin D Quanti Card

Vitamin D Quanti Card

J. Mitra & Co. Pvt. Ltd. manufactures the Vitamin D Quanti Card, a leading product in the global market for the quantitative determination of vitamin D in human serum. This product uses a competitive immunoassay technique and is read by a device to provide accurate results. Certified under ISO 13485, the kit is a reliable tool for healthcare professionals to assess vitamin D levels efficiently. It features a unique method where vitamin D from the sample undergoes extraction and subsequent measurement, ensuring precision. The kit is available for distribution in various regions including South America, North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, with a lead time of 10-15 days for shipping.

HbA1c Test Kits

Essential for diabetes management, HbA1c test kits measure long-term glucose concentration in the blood, helping in the monitoring and adjustment of diabetic treatments.

TURBIMAX HbA1c Protein Test Kits


The TURBIMAX HbA1c Protein Test Kits produced by Avecon Healthcare Private Limited offer an affordable solution for monitoring hemoglobin A1c levels, crucial for managing diabetes. The kits are praised for their affordability and high quality, backed by Avecon Healthcare’s commitment to stringent quality control measures and ISO 13485 certification. This product is suitable for a wide range of healthcare providers, enabling effective diabetes management without imposing financial burdens. The TURBIMAX HbA1c kits are equipped to deliver reliable and precise results, making them a vital tool in chronic disease management. They are available for a global market, with potential distributorship opportunities in regions including Oceania, Middle East, CIS Nations, and beyond. The kits come with the assurance of quality and support from Medzell, which offers services such as fast quotations, shipping arrangements, and a dedicated officer to assist with procurement, enhancing the purchasing experience for buyers.

Creatinine Test Kits

These kits are used to assess kidney function by measuring creatinine levels in the blood or urine, providing vital information about renal health.

Liquimax Creatinine (End Point) Test Kit

Liquimax Creatinine (End Point) Test Kit

The Liquimax Creatinine (End Point) Test Kit by Avecon Healthcare Private Limited offers a high-performance solution for measuring creatinine levels in blood. It is known for its reliability and is designed for fast and accurate testing, essential for diagnosing kidney function. This kit adheres to ISO 13485 standards and features ready-to-use reagents that ensure stability and precision. With a distribution network covering several global regions, this kit supports efficient healthcare diagnostics with an average shipping lead time of 10-15 days.

Urine Analysis Test Kits

Urine test kits provide invaluable insights into the overall health of the urinary system and other vital organs. These kits are crucial for routine health screenings and diagnosing diseases:

Uric Acid Test Kit

Uric acid test kits are used to measure the levels of uric acid in the urine. Elevated uric acid levels can indicate conditions such as gout or kidney disorders. These test kits help in early detection and monitoring, enabling timely treatment and management of such conditions.

Liquimax Uric Acid-SLR (10M) Test Kit

Liquimax Uric Acid-SLR (10M) Test Kit

Avecon Healthcare Private Limited also manufactures the Liquimax Uric Acid-SLR (10M) Test Kit, which is an efficient and highly reliable method for the quantitative determination of uric acid in human serum, plasma, and urine. The kit’s single liquid reagent system simplifies the testing process, making it user-friendly and reducing the potential for errors. Designed to deliver quick and accurate results, this kit supports the diagnosis and monitoring of conditions related to high uric acid levels, such as gout. The test kit is designed with the needs of modern laboratories in mind, ensuring high throughput and consistency. This product is available globally and is suitable for a variety of medical settings, supported by its ISO 13485 certification.

These kits from Avecon Healthcare demonstrate a commitment to quality and accessibility, meeting the needs of healthcare professionals around the world. They are designed to be cost-effective and user-friendly, making advanced diagnostic capabilities available to a wider audience.

Urea Test Kit

Urea test kits are used to measure the levels of urea in the urine. Urea is a waste product produced by the liver and eliminated through urine. Monitoring urea levels is essential for assessing kidney function and overall health. Urea test kits provide a simple and effective way to determine urea levels accurately.

Liquimax Urea Birthlot Test Kit

Liquimax Urea Birthlot Test Kit

The Liquimax Urea Birthlot Test Kit, also by Avecon Healthcare, is engineered for the quantitative determination of urea in human serum, plasma, and urine. This kit is particularly noted for its rapid processing time and the stability of its reagents. It features a dual-stage end-point assay that completes in just 8 minutes, streamlining the diagnostic process. The kit is designed for use in multiple international markets, ensuring compliance with global standards and is available through a network of distributors in various countries.

Cholesterol Test Kit

Maintaining healthy cholesterol levels is crucial for cardiovascular health. Cholesterol test kits are widely used to assess different types of cholesterol, including HDL (good cholesterol) and LDL (bad cholesterol). These test kits provide valuable insights into lipid profiles, allowing individuals to monitor their cholesterol levels and take necessary measures to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Direct HDL Test Kits

High-density lipoprotein (HDL) is known as “good” cholesterol. Direct HDL kits measure levels of HDL cholesterol in the blood, aiding in the assessment of cardiovascular risk.

Liquimax HDL Cholesterol Direct Test Kit

Liquimax HDL Cholesterol Direct Test Kit-medzell

The Liquimax HDL Cholesterol Direct Test Kit, produced by Avecon Healthcare Private Limited, provides a cutting-edge solution for measuring HDL cholesterol levels directly from blood samples. This kit ensures precise and reliable results, crucial for assessing cardiovascular health. Manufactured under the rigorous standards of ISO 13485 certification, the kit is designed for ease of use in clinical settings, offering rapid results that aid in the timely management of patients. Its affordability makes it accessible for a wide range of healthcare providers, enhancing its utility in diverse medical environments. The kit is available for distribution in regions including Oceania, the Middle-East, CIS Nations, South America, North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, facilitating its adoption on a global scale.

Liquimax LDL Cholesterol Direct Test Kit

Liquimax LDL Cholesterol Direct Test Kit

The Liquimax LDL Cholesterol Direct Test Kit is another innovative solution from Avecon Healthcare Private Limited, designed to measure LDL cholesterol directly from blood samples. This kit provides quick and reliable results, essential for evaluating cardiovascular health risks. It is easy to use and compatible with various lab settings, offering high-quality performance under ISO 13485 certification. This kit is also available through global distribution, making it accessible to healthcare providers worldwide.


India, as one of the top exporters, plays a pivotal role in the global distribution of these essential test kits. Its contribution not only supports worldwide health initiatives but also underscores the country’s capability in producing critical medical supplies. The increasing demand for these test kits reflects a growing awareness and proactive approach towards health management globally.

The importance of diagnostic test kits in global health management cannot be overstated, especially as the world faces an increase in various health challenges. The three categories of test kits discussed—Protein, Urine, and Cholesterol—have proven essential for timely diagnosis and effective disease management. India’s significant role as a top exporter highlights its contribution to global healthcare, ensuring accessibility and affordability of these crucial medical supplies. As demand continues to grow, the reliance on high-quality test kits from reputable sources like India will be key in shaping a healthier future for populations worldwide.

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