Important Features to Consider When Choosing an Examination Table

Examination Table

Choosing the right examination table for your medical practice is more than just a matter of practicality. The examination table is a central piece of equipment in any medical setting, directly impacting patient comfort, safety, and the overall efficiency of healthcare delivery. Thus, making an informed decision when selecting examination tables can significantly improve the experience for both patients and healthcare providers.

When considering examination tables, crucial factors such as functionality, flexibility, durability, and patient comfort come into play. An examination table that aligns well with your practice’s services can streamline procedures, save time, and enhance patient experience. For example, a gynecological table designed with functionality specifically for obstetrics and gynecology practices enhances patient comfort and standardizes care delivery in these medical fields.

Different Types of Examination Tables

Examination tables, a fundamental piece of equipment in many areas of medicine, come in an array of types to cater to the diverse requirements of different medical specialties. These include:

  1.  Medical Examination Tables: These are typically found in most medical office setups and are aptly suitable for routine examinations. They are comfortable, adjustable, and designed to cater to patients’ comfort and ease during routine medical check-ups.
  2. Gynecological Examination Tables: Specifically designed keeping in mind the unique needs of gynecology-related examinations, they come with specific design considerations like stirrups. These tables allow for enhanced comfort during the examination and make intricate procedures easier for the specialist to perform.
  3. Pediatric Examination Tables: These are smaller in size and come with charming, child-friendly designs to create an inviting environment for young patients. The primary focus while designing these tables is to minimize the anxiety or fear that children might have about medical procedures and make them feel more relaxed.
  4. Veterinary Examination Tables: Tailored for our non-human companions, these examination tables are designed with features that include easy-to-clean surfaces and adjustable heights. They are made to accommodate animals of various sizes comfortably and make the procedure safer and more efficient for veterinarians.
  5. Fixed Examination Tables: These types of tables provide a robust and reliable option with the benefit of adjustable settings. While they may not offer the flexibility of being moved around, they provide great stability during patient exams.
  6. Examination Tables with Storage: These not only provide a comfortable place for the patient to rest but also offer additional storage space for practitioners to keep essential supplies at hand. Having these supplies within reach helps to increase efficiency during examinations.
  7. Mobile Examination Tables: These portable tables are ideal for dynamic environments where mobility is needed. They are easily maneuverable, versatile, and can be taken to the patient, offering a flexible option for healthcare providers.

By catering to every type of patient, examination scenario, and environment, these different types of examination tables play a crucial role in effective healthcare delivery. This specialized furniture is an essential investment for optimizing patient care and treatment in any medical facility.

Key Features to Consider When Choosing an Examination Table

When choosing an examination table, it is essential to focus on features that enhance functionality, patient comfort, and durability. Consider factors such as the table’s weight capacity, adjustability, the presence of storage compartments, ease of cleaning, and additional specialized features for the specific type of medical practice. Prioritizing these aspects could enhance your medical practice’s overall productivity and patient satisfaction.

  • Functionality – When you’re in the process of choosing an exam table for a medical facility, it’s vital to aim high on your list of priorities for its functionality. After all, this is not merely a piece of furniture, but a critical piece of medical equipment that can make a considerable difference in the day-to-day activities of a healthcare setting.
    • An examination table that comes packed with a broad array of practical features brings with it a host of benefits, greatly impacting the quality of healthcare provided. For instance, tables equipped with adjustable heights or tilt functions can facilitate easier patient access, potentially reducing the risk of accidents or injuries. Furthermore, built-in storage compartments can provide space for essential medical devices and supplies, improving efficiency by having everything within reach.
    • Beyond medical functionality, it also contributes to boosting patient comfort. An exam table with sufficient padding and adjustable backrests can contribute to more relaxed and comfortable experiences for patients. Not to mention, patient comfort can directly influence their overall satisfaction with the care provided and their willingness to follow through with future appointments and treatments.
    • Lastly, an examination table with multiple functionalities can drastically enhance the efficiency of the medical staff. Imagine having a table that is easy to clean or move around, one that adjusts quickly to accommodate various examination procedures or even one that caters to patients of different sizes and abilities. Such a table could cut back on the time it takes to get everything prepared, leaving medical professionals with more time to devote to patient care.
  • Adjustable Height and Positioning Options – First and foremost, the ability to adjust the height and positioning of the table is vital for a variety of reasons. Manually adjustable tables, hydraulic tables, electric exam tables – each provides different levels of adjustability. 
  • Weight Capacity and Durability – The table’s weight capacity and durability also play a significant role. The table should be strong enough to support patients of varying weights. It’s crucial to consider: maximum weight capacity of the table and the quality of the materials used in the table’s construction – stainless steel, for example, tends to be more durable.
  • Mobility and Portability Features – Another feature to consider is the table’s mobility and portability. Some models come with wheels and are easily movable. This is useful in instances where the examination has to be done in different rooms in the facility.
  • Integration with Other Medical Equipment – it’s essential to consider if the table can be integrated with other medical equipment such as examination lights. This can be particularly beneficial if your practice performs specialized examinations that require specific types of equipment. Features like in-built or adaptable stirrups for gynecological exams, or the inclusion of rails for attaching monitors also aid in functionality.

Benefits of Choosing the Right Examination Table

When it comes to equipping a medical office or exam room, the impact of selecting the right examination table extends beyond mere aesthetics. By prioritizing functionality and patient comfort, healthcare providers can enjoy several key benefits.

  • Improved Patient Experience and Satisfaction: Optimal patient comfort is paramount to improving the overall patient experience and ultimately, patient satisfaction. Ergonomic designs and adjustable features allow patients to position themselves comfortably, which can be of particular importance when dealing with individuals who may have restricted mobility. If patients are comfortable during their visit, they are more likely to have a positive experience and thereby rate their satisfaction highly. Enhanced convenience features like easily accessible paper roll holders, storage drawers, and more can directly affect the patient’s perception of care.
  • Enhanced Efficiency and Effectiveness in Medical Examinations: Streamlined examination processes are another advantage of a well-chosen examination table. For practitioners, features such as adjustable height, flexibility of movements, integrated stirrups, and extendable footrests allow for more efficient and effective examinations. These functionalities can reduce the time it takes to prepare and conduct exams, leading to higher productivity levels in the medical practice.
  • Reduced Risk of Injury for Patients and Healthcare Professionals: Selecting an exam table that ensures patient safety is also important. High-quality tables come with safety features such as easy-to-use brakes, robust handrails, and low entry points all designed to minimize the risk of patient falls. Additionally, healthcare professionals can avoid potential injuries associated with lifting or moving patients, made possible through features such as electric height adjustment and wheel mobility, fostering a safer workplace environment.

Disadvantages of Choosing the Wrong Examination Table

Choosing the right examination table for your medical facility is not a task to be taken lightly. The wrong choice can lead to a multitude of problems and exacerbate already existing ones.

  • Patient Discomfort and Dissatisfaction: Patient comfort is a prime consideration when selecting an examination table. The design, cushioning, and adjustability of the table play a huge role in ensuring maximum comfort for the patient during an examination or a procedure. Should you choose a table that lacks such features, it can lead to patient discomfort, causing them distress and potentially making them less cooperative during the examination. This, in turn, can affect their overall experience and satisfaction level with your practice.
  • Limited Functionality and Flexibility: Different types of examination tables are tailored for specific functions; from gynecological exam tables to pediatric and veterinary exam tables, each one has its unique features. Picking the wrong one, such as a manual exam table instead of a hydraulic one, can limit your examination process’ flexibility. More so, its limited functionality could impede efficient healthcare delivery, waste valuable time, and reduce productivity.
  • Increased risk of accidents or injuries during examinations: An unsuitable examination table may also pose safety risks. A table not equipped with necessary safety features such as secure rails, adjustable height mechanisms, or stable bases can increase the likelihood of patient falls and injuries during examinations. Not only can this be damaging to your practice’s reputation, but it could also lead to potential liability issues. Therefore, when selecting an examination table, safety should be one of your top considerations.

Maintenance of Examination Tables

Making sure your examination table is well-maintained is as vital as choosing the right one. An adequately maintained examination table not only ensures the safety and convenience of your patients but also prolongs the equipment’s life. This section will highlight key elements of examination table maintenance.

  • Cleaning and Disinfection Procedures
  • Regular Inspection and Maintenance Routines
  • Troubleshooting Common Problems and Solutions

Top Manufacturers of Examination Lights

EH147 – Examination Table

EH147 - Examination TableThe EH147 – Examination Table, a top-tier product, is an offering from VNG Medical Innovation System Pvt. Ltd., one of  leading manufacturers in medical innovation. The table takes convenience and comfort to the next level for both patients and medical professionals. It features a well-constructed frame engineered with high-grade steel for long-term durability and stability. This examination table is the perfect blend of design, efficiency, and comfort, marking it as an essential product for high-quality medical care. Ensuring a quality product, the materials used for the construction of the EH147 – Examination Table. MS (Mild Steel) lends sturdiness and durability to its frame. The table is suitable for use in hospitals and clinics. With an array of options available in white or ivory, to suit the clinic’s decor, it features customizable options to suit specific requirements.

Examination Table

Examination TableLeading manufacturer STAAN Bio-Med Engineering Private Limited presents a globally acclaimed Examination Table. It distinguishes itself with a robust construction of superior raw materials. The examination table integrates world-class features, including remote control capabilities. With selectable placements at 70° and 90°, this table provides an ideal workstation for medical professionals, catering to diverse patient needs. The standard examination table from STAAN Bio-Med carries a significant weight restriction of 150 kilograms, ensuring safety for all patients. Its four-stage wheel lock provides stability, while the motor ensures seamless movements.

IHC 1700 – Motorized Examination Table

IHC 1700 - Motorized Examination TableRise above the ordinary with the IHC 1700 – Motorized Examination Table manufactured by Indtech Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.. This multifunctional examination table surpasses traditional medical furniture by tailoring to varied needs with ease, safety, and patient comfort. It can be customized to serve unique requirements as both a couch and a supportive surface. The versatility of the IHC 1700 sets it apart as a reliable option for healthcare professionals who demand the best. The Indtech’s IHC 1700 – Motorized Examination Table offers a high-density foam upholstered top and adjustable height and backrest for supreme comfort and precise positioning. Overall, it is the epitome of durability, convenience, and advanced features in medical examination furniture.


Carevel Medical Systems (Pvt) Ltd, is a prominent medical furniture supplier, brings to the fore their premium Examination table SUPREME C-3201. The table is expertly crafted from CRCA tubes and sheets, defining its robust design. The ratchet-controlled backrest enhances the convenience and comfort of patients during the examination. The Examination table SUPREME C-3201 by Carevel Medical Systems (Pvt) Ltd provides multiple storage options with a utility drawer and a cabinet. Pre-treated metal components with an epoxy powder coat promise long life and top quality.

Electric Examination TableElectric Examination Table

LIFE MEDICAL SYSTEMS India presents the Electric Examination Table that perfectly captures the essence of innovation in medical furniture. Designed for professional healthcare clinics and facilities, it offers advanced features and adjustable settings for optimized patient care. The ergonomically designed adjustable examination table prioritizes comfort for patients during examinations while also enhancing professional efficiency. The Electric Examination Table from LIFE MEDICAL SYSTEMS India has several technical innovations. With adjustable height, noiseless castors for smooth movement, sturdiness, easy cleaning, and an adjustable backrest angle facilitated by two gas springs, it promotes optimal care delivery and patient comfort.


The functionality and comfort of an examination table are crucial to providing the best medical service to patients. The table should be user-friendly with adjustable angles and height capabilities for a smooth examination process for both the doctor and the patient. Patient comfort should be prioritized to ensure their anxiety levels remain low throughout the procedure. Quality padding, patient-accessible extendable steps, and smooth movements can significantly improve their overall experience during a medical exam. 

In conclusion, it’s essential to choose an examination table that perfectly suits your medical practice’s needs and offers the best patient experience. A well-selected table significantly improves your medical examination process’s efficiency, comfort, and success. We encourage you to consider all the discussed factors before purchasing an examination table. Bolster your patient’s comfort and your service’s overall quality by making an informed decision.

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