Ibis Medical saw 200% increase in their export sales in 2 months

Ibis Medical saw 200% increase in their export sales in 2 months

Ibis Medical Equipment & Systems Private Limited offers their clients neonatal healthcare solutions and products that meet the highest international standards. They specialize in the production of high-quality Neonatal Intensive care equipment including LED Phototherapy UnitsInfant Radiant Warmers, Consumables like MUAC TapesEye ProtectorsGonad Protectors, and also UVC Surface Disinfection Systems among others. Their initial goal was to grow in India, but once they had made a name for themselves in India and were familiar with the market in other countries, they began to expand their business outside India. However, the pandemic struck at a crucial phase and posed a challenge to Ibis Medical in the successful conduct of their sales in other countries. There was no specific platform that supported them in their international sales process i.e. from the lead generation to business conversion. As a result, they encountered numerous challenges regarding the sales opportunity they had which constrained their ability to expand internationally.


Before partnering with Medzell, Ibis Medical had a difficult time finding potential customers due to lack of genuine inquiries and reduced frequency of lead generation. With regard to export business, there are many challenges involved including frequent lead generation, following up with the leads, documentation related to registration, importation in foreign nations, getting cost-effective transit charges, identifying the right transit mode, etc.

In summary, Ibis Medical needed support on: 

  1. Identification of the right and genuine buyers

  2. Getting more leads for all their products

  3. Documentation & Logistics Process

  4. Finding the right countries to do business

  5. Better understanding of difficulties & trade opportunities that exist in different countries

  6. Following up with buyers, providing technical demonstrations & having meetings for faster conversions


Medzell, a global B2B platform for medical devices assists Indian manufacturers, including Ibis Medical, with their global expansion by showcasing their products, which attracts global buyers to enquire. It is always convenient for buyers to have a large selection of different product categories under one roof.

  1. With Medzell, manufacturers can get genuine leads as we share only curated and verified enquiries, enabling them to promptly offer quotes.

  2. The manufacturers can receive an unlimited number of leads, but Medzell only requires them to pay for the leads that actually result in sales.

  3. Medzell offers assistance right from the beginning by providing leads, communicating with the buyers,and sharing quotations with exclusive support from dedicated Procurement Officers. 

  4. The services and timely assistance the manufacturers receive from Medzell enable them to respond to enquiries swiftly, which in turn fosters a relationship of trust between them.


After onboarding with Medzell, the business development team of Medzell started to understand the requirements and needs of Ibis Medical with respect to their exports. Medzell helped Ibis Medical overcome their challenges one by one through these offerings:

  1. With the use of advanced lead management system, Medzell helped to curate the enquiries, communicated with the leads prior to sharing them with Ibis Medical and then filtered out the majority of the in-genuine enquiries.

  2. With the implementation of various marketing methods, including paid advertising, email marketing to name a few, Medzell has been able to consistently generate leads for almost all of Ibis Medical’s products from more than 30 different countries.

  3. Medzell helped Ibis Medical in closing the deals quickly with better documentation and logistical support by researching the needs and convenience of selling processes in various countries.

  4. Ibis Medical was able to identify their most reliable buyers and grow their sales significantly. They were also quite successful in obtaining repeat business from their clients.

  5. Ibis Medical was able to win consumers’ trust by giving live product demos and forming direct ties with customers through Medzell’s Procurement Officers who are experienced in handling international buyers.

Statistics (as of 1st July, 2022)



Ibis Medical had a significant increase in their sales as a result of partnering with Medzell, and they now have an overall presence in more than 27 countries. They acquired more than 60 leads in just 2 months and were able to conduct business in 12 countries. Given the global nature of trade, building trust and obtaining repeat business are crucial, and Ibis Medical is now a preferred option for the buyers.

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