Arab Health 2023: Highlights and Winning Moments

Arab Health 2023: Highlights and Winning Moments

Arab Health is a renowned global expo that attracts stakeholders of the healthcare industry year after year. It has served the healthcare industry in the Middle East for almost five decades. The annual event unfolded in Dubai from 30th January to 2nd February 2023. The expo had an impressive lineup of 3000 exhibitors from 70 countries displaying their products for a record number of visitors. Many seized the chance to keep up with the most recent developments in healthcare.

This year, Medzell had the good fortune of attending Arab Health. We did everything in our power to make new connections, strengthen professional relationships, and welcome potential customers. Our team engaged in discussions about products and services with our end-users. Overall, we managed to raise our company profile among buyers and suppliers of medical equipment. 

Arab Health 2023 and Medzell's participation in it - Key highlights

How Medzell does things differently 

We believe in exploring new avenues while providing superior services to our customers. Manufacturers and buyers who use our resources often return multiple times. We empathize with global buyers who struggle to identify and contact the right manufacturer for their medical device needs. We are also aware of the roadblocks that are commonly faced by suppliers who seek to export their medical equipment. Our experienced team ensures you have smooth transactions every time, regardless of the number of steps involved. Once you join Medzell, your whole outlook regarding international business will change. You may even wonder why you did not explore this possibility sooner.

Within a brief period of time, we have found success in connecting with and supporting more than 125+ Indian medical equipment manufacturers and 5000+ buyers from 110+ countries. Our website showcases over 5000 products from more than 500 categories covering a wide range of features and applications. 

A summary of our achievements

Many manufacturers and buyers have profited by building connections through our platform. Buyers who join Medzell enjoy the assistance of a dedicated Procurement officer, secure transactions, and ready access to freight forwarders among other benefits. The manufacturers can choose from three annual plans based on their requirements. Medzell contributes to its increased brand awareness in the global market. Moreover, geographical barriers do not hinder the timely delivery of medical devices.

At Arab Health 2023, several buyers and manufacturers enlivened Medzell’s booth with their presence. Our meetings with Bayan Begaliyeva, Gian Carlo, Hiram Mwangi, Patrice, Dr. Ali, Anuvind Balachandran, Hiram Mwangi, Vitus, and delegates from Orthoserve paved the way for lively discussions. The esteemed individuals hailed from countries such as Kazakhstan, the Philippines, Burundi, Kuwait, Kenya, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, etc. 

Medzell team's interaction with buyers who visited Medzell stall at Arab Health 2023

Connecting with international buyers was one of our favorite aspects of Arab Health. Bayan Begaliyeva and others gained a better understanding of our B2B platform. Many were intrigued by our approach to international business and the benefits we provided to buyers of medical equipment.

We showcased the medical devices from manufacturers registered with us – Prodancy Pvt. Ltd.Safey Medical DevicesIbis Medical Equipment & Systems Private Limited, and Scope Medical Devices Private Limited. Their affordable and innovative medical devices that included surgical helmetsphototherapy blankets, vein viewers, laryngoscopesspirometers, and neonatal eye protectors drew a great deal of attention during the event. Many witnessed live demos and understood how the devices could help deliver the best treatment. 

Products showcased at Arab Health 2023 by Medzell

Manufacturers meeting Medzell team at Arab Health 2023

Parveen Bhardwaj, the Chairman of Scope Medical  Devices Private Limited., also visited us during the course of the event. Benjamin, a Ghanaian buyer representing Obo Denyarko Company Ltd., bought laryngoscopes from Scope Medical. 

Ghana Buyer purchasing laryngoscopes at Arab Health 2023 in Medzell's booth

Fig: Dana Susan (Medzell) on the left, Benjamin (Obo Denyarko Company) in the middle, Simna Simon (Medzell) on the right

At Arab Health, Medzell’s booth also became a venue for the meeting of a manufacturer from India and a Namibian buyer. Taher Moiyed, CEO and Founder of Safey Medical Devices Private Limited, and Alfredo Muyenga, CEO of AmanaMed were delighted to interact and strengthen their trust in each other. Meeting our beloved customers in person and enabling interactions between them were momentous occasions.

AmanaMed, Buyer from Namibia meeting Safey Medical Devices, Manufacturer from India at Arab Health 2023 in Medzell's booth

Fig: Dana Susan (Medzell) on the left, Alfredo Muyenga (AmanaMed) in the middle, Taher Moiyed (Safey Medical Devices) on the right

Participation in future events

We thank everyone who took time out of their busy schedule to visit us. Executing something of this magnitude is not an easy task. The collective effort of the Medzell staff, benevolent investors, and esteemed customers ensured our success at the event. We are exhilarated after our positive experiences at Arab Health. 

To keep the momentum going the entire year, participating in Medic East Africa and Medic West Africa is on our agenda. Medic East Africa, the largest medical exhibition in Kenya, is set to take place from the 6th to the 8th of September at Kenyatta International Convention Centre in Nairobi. Medic West Africa is scheduled from 26th to 28th September at Landmark Centre in Nigeria. 

Global buyers who desire excellent customer service and secure transactions are invited to use our services. If you are an Indian supplier who is frustrated by the number of steps involved in international business transactions, you are welcome to join us. Once you register, you can close profitable deals at a faster rate. Perhaps we will be promoting your products and increasing your brand awareness at the next international exhibition. 

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